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---Travis Willingham{{ep ref|ep=1x01|1:11:11}}

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Quotations in This List Edit

Why do you come here, children of the lost?  What purpose brings you to Saundor's madness and pain?
Saundor to Vox Machina[1]

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You all come here, but one of you is the reason.  You… sweet, broken Vex'ahlia.  Unwanted daughter, unproven ally, selfish and cruel—you drive those you would call family into danger and death for your own gain.  I understand you.

[There's a softness and sadness to his face.]

You are lost, without form, without knowing who you are, child.  You stand shattered by expectation, presenting an illusion of confidence.  Behind it, you never left that bloodied girl, dagger in hand, body at your feet.  You are a killer, run as you may.  The tears you cry are not in vain, my sweet… my dear Vex'ahlia.  You can rise above your trembling destiny.  I have lived a thousand years and a day.  I have seen many things; I can grant many gifts.

I have lived a thousand years and a day.  I have seen many things; I can grant many gifts.
Saundor to Vex'ahlia[3]

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You have things I do not.  Companionship… I have been without for so very long.  And the ones I've let in have hurt me so very deeply.
Saundor to Vex'ahlia[4]

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Vex'ahlia:  "You've been betrayed?"
Saundor:  "We all have, in some degree, yes?"
Vex'ahlia:  "Is that why you are what you are now?"
Saundor:  "I don't even remember.  I just know that I'm alone and she left me there."
Vex'ahlia:  " 'She'?  Who is she?"
Saundor:  "The memories have faded.  I just want someone to understand me, that's all.  Can you understand me?"
Saundor:  "I will give you the means to protect them… your home…"
Vex'ahlia:  "And what would you ask in return?"
Saundor:  "Your heart."
Vex'ahlia:  "My heart is someone else's."
[Vex'ahlia draws her bow.]
Then I am to be alone…
Saundor, after being shot by Vex'ahlia[7]

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Your choice is made.  Become another memory here, and keep me company in oblivion!
Saundor, after being shot by Vex'ahlia[8]

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Laura Bailey:  "I feel so guilty."
Marisha Ray:  "No, he was a fucking cock!"
after initiating combat with Saundor[9]

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