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Satyana Vorvexis is an adult copper dragon who helps protect New Haxon, in Blightshore. She has not yet appeared on Critical Role.

She efficiently commands a garrison of more than two hundred active duty soldiers, showing them methods that combine cunning and inventiveness; however, due to her chaotic nature, some members of the Assembly, as well as their imperial patrons, don't fully trust the dragon, and question her true intentions. Nevertheless, Satyana is well respected by the people of New Haxon.

She is also known as one of Wynandir’s foremost curators and collectors of arcane relics.[1]


Assuming Satyana is typical of adult copper dragons, she is immune to acid damage and has a 40-foot climb speed. She would have two breath weapons, one of which slowed creatures within a conic area; the other would cause acid damage in a long line.[3]

In her lair, Satyana would be able to turn patches of the ground to damaging stone spikes or restraining mud, both of which slow creatures moving across them.[2]

The region around the lair might have magic carvings of her face, or tiny beasts there might gain the ability to speak and understand Draconic, or intelligent creatures might find even serious matters amusing and become prone to giggling.[2]


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