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Sasha Murasaki is a human. She is played by Erika Ishii.



Sasha is described as having long silver ombre hair and usually wears something very conservative on the surface, but her skirts are a little short and thigh-highs are a little high.


On the surface, Sasha is very flirtatious with everyone she interacts with regardless of age or gender. She is also petty and needs to have a handle on everything and everyone at all times.

Sasha has only been seen letting her guard down and showing her vulnerable side around Cameron.



Sasha is a first generation immigrant in Cinderbrush.[1] There is no mention of where she and her family immigrated from, nor any mention of when in her life this happened.

Despite not originally from Cinderbrush, she seems to have acclimated quite well, as she notes her presence as class president and captain of the Cinderbrush debate team.[2]



Cameron Solomon was Sasha's previously ex-boyfriend. Cameron broke up with Sasha over the summer leaving Sasha hurt as her feelings towards him were genuine. This led to some petty actions during the course of the one shot. They later got back together both as a cover and for real.


Sasha's history with Jamie is unknown beyond buying various drugs from them; however, they share a relationship similar to that of old friends who found different paths but can't quite let each other go. Sasha is not above flirting with Jamie to get what she wants, including information.


Sasha, much like everyone else, takes a liking to AF quickly. She uses AF's crush on her to her advantage, making out with them at the rave party and further helping them to locate Amanda as well as the people responsible for her murder.

The Hive[]

As part of The Queen Skin, Sasha has a group that follows and supports her known as The Hive.[3]

Cori Brooks: young teen model who started her career in Vertuga. (The Hive).

Lexi Wembles: Sasha's former rival turned best friend and current saluditorian. (The Hive)

Jesse Zimmerman: bored playboy of the school. (The Hive)

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