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Samantha served in one of the armies that helped to defeat Thordak[2] and was one of the people who would follow Kerrek into battle.[3] As an NPC, she was played by Matthew Mercer.



When Vox Machina encountered Samantha, her graying hair had been pulled into a hard topknot on top of her head. She had dark skin with a scar across her cheek. In battle, she wore a breastplate.[4]


In the absence of Kerrek, Samantha was capable to take over the leadership over the group of fighters from Westruun who was helping during the siege of Emon.[5]


Samantha was a part of the militia group from Westruun, fighting against Thordak army during the siege of Emon. Initially, she was under the command of Kerrek, but as dragon forces subsided, he decided to join Vox Machina for their journey in Whitestone and subsecuantualy for the final battle with Raishan. Samantha became the temporary leader in his absence.[6]

When Kerrek returned to Emon, Samantha rushed up and socked him across the face, upset that he had been gone and in danger. She was impressed by his involvement in slaying the dragon, however.[7]

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