Salty Criss by BlackSalander

Fan art of Salty Criss being capsized by Caduceus, by BlackSalander.[art 1]

The Salty Criss was a pirate ship captained by Serac Feng. The ship was capsized by Caduceus using a Control Water spell while it was pursuing the Ball-Eater.[1]

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The Salty Criss was a ship slightly smaller than the Ball-Eater and was armed with eight cannons. The ship flew no colors and its sails seemed to be able to magically propel the ship even when the winds were weak, though it is unknown if the sails themselves were enchanted or if a magic caster amongst the crew was responsible.

Serac Feng's Captaincy Edit

The crew under Captain Feng was very large in number for a ship of its size, numbering twenty-one crew members, the crew seemed to be opportunistic pirates who relied on surprise and speed to catch their prey off guard. Serac and her crew seemed to operate around the Gravid Archipelago area.

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The Salty Criss is a pirate ship, although its history prior to being encountered by the Mighty Nein is unknown.

"The Second Seal" (2x47) Edit

The ship and its crew ambush the Ball-Eater after being alerted to its presence due to a large geyser of water erupting from the center waters of the Gravid Archipelago. Emerging from a hidden location, the ship begins to pursue the Ball-Eater as it attempts to flee the Archipelago but due to its smaller size and seemingly magical sails, the Salty Criss steadily closes the distance.[2]

As the Ball-Eater skirts one of the islands of the Archipelago and unexpectedly strikes some rocks, the Salty Criss is finally able to get within close distance to the ship. However, as it does so, Caduceus casts Control Water from the deck of the Ball-Eater, causing a large wave to capsize the Salty Criss against some jagged rocks and killing fourteen of its crew. Nott then directs a salvo of cannon fire at the capsized vessel, and the one shot that hits ensures no hope of the ship being saved and the Salty Criss rapidly sinks.[3]

The surviving seven crew members of the Salty Criss begrudgingly accept the rescue offered by Mighty Nein and after being asked where they wish be be dropped off, Captain Feng requests they simply be left on the nearby island. The surviving crew are quickly thrown off the ship but not before Captain Feng volunteers Leval to receive "The Mark" from Jester in exchange for some basic supplies and food. After receiving "The Mark," Leval is given a bag of supplies and is the last one to be tossed off the Ball-Eater.[4]

As the Ball-Eater sails away from the Gravid Archipelago, the surviving crew of the Salty Criss are spotted salvaging wood from the island's tree line as they begin to build a camp upon the beach.[5]

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