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Saldarthoryn is a silver dragon of Tal'Dorei.


At some point between 812 PD and 836 PD, Saldarthoryn started rampaging through Tal'Dorei sowing chaos, to the point that The Wonderworker, the mysterious leader of the League of Miracles, went out to meet the dragon, stopping her and healing her twisted mind.[3]


Assuming Saldarthoryn is typical of silver dragons, she is immune to cold damage. She would have two breath weapons, one of which paralyzes creatures within a conic area; the other would cause cold damage in similar conic area.[4]


  • Saldarthoryn has some things in common with Karkethzerethzerus: both of them were silver dragons who caused great destruction.
    • While it is unclear what was the reason why Saldarthoryn's mind was "twisted", after being healed she recovered her reason. Karketh, however, is still a cruel shadow dragon.[5]


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