Sabian is a former crewmate of Fjord.

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Sabian was the one responsible for sabotaging the ship Fjord worked on. Fjord walked in on Sabian lighting a fuse, but before he could react Sabian wounded him with throwing daggers, ran to the deck of the ship and jumped into the ocean.[2] After surviving the explosion Fjord returned to one of his contacts and learned that Sabian had also survived.[3]

Captain Adella tells Fjord that Sabian has recently been working with a shady merchant named Cadmus Leeland in Nicodranas. Leeland's ship is named the Widow's Embrace. [4]

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Fjord told the Mighty Nein he's known Sabian for many years, and they grew up together. Despite this, Fjord does not seem to have had a good opinion of Sabian even before the Tide's Breath explosion. It is unknown how Sabian feels about Fjord.[5]

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