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I continue to find an aberration in my data pertaining to Exandria, a cyclical, months-long, slow surge in low-level magical interference that then recedes just as slowly. Something that tangles my readings and upsets my analysis. It is too faint to identify the arcane nature at source, but I worry if this pertains to to the shifting between the veils. It could be something very interesting. Something very frightening. Very wonderful. More tests are required.
From the notebook of Planerider Ryn, found in the Elemental Plane of Fire.[4]

Planerider Ryn is a tiefling member of the Arcana Pansophical and the Grim Verity who studies planar travel, arcane ley lines, and astronomy.


Ryn by Kaw

Fan art of Planerider Ryn, by Kaw.[art 2]

Ryn is a deep red female tiefling in her late 50s. She has white to sky-blue eyes with small black pupils, horns that curl backward and then up, and very short black hair with two grey streaks. When Bells Hells encountered her, she was wearing a combination of robes and leather armor and carried a crooked wand.[5]

Ryn described herself as a "doer", who makes things happen and "get weird". Her main goal when she met Bells Hells was to stop Otohan Thull from accomplishing the goal of freeing Predathos from its prison of Ruidus.[6]



Ryn studied under Yurek Windkeeper, founder of the Arcana Pansophical, and became a specialist in planar travel and arcane ley lines. By 812 PD, she was a Maker of the Pansophical, a higher member responsible for oversight and enacting judgment.[7] She often travels between the realms to complete her research.[7] At some point, she gave a Spell Scroll of Plane Shift and a tuning fork attuned to the Elemental Plane of Fire to Yussa Errenis.[8][9]

Ryn and Roe Estani worked together as astronomers.[10]

Campaign Two[]

While fleeing from the Cerberus Assembly in "Between a Ball and a Hot Place" (2x129), the Mighty Nein used the Spell Scroll gifted to Yussa and found themselves in the Plane of Fire, inside what appeared to be a field lab belonging to Ryn. There they found Ryn's notes pertaining to the Planes of Existence, noting a slow shift in the structure between the planes and a possible sudden shift in the cosmic tapestry down the road, remaking the cosmos.[11]

Campaign Three[]

While Bells Hells were talking with Hondir, it was revealed that Ryn is a member of the Grim Verity. She was mentioned by Hondir to be the best source on whether Ruidus had infiltrated the Shadowfell in the same way as it had the Feywild.[12]

Ryn by Lap Pun Cheung

Fan art of Ryn in her lab, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 3]

Ryn's research focuses on astronomical oddities and inconsistencies in the overlap of the Planes of Existence. She had recently discovered strangeness in the movement of the ley lines throughout Exandria, producing bursts of energy that coincided with Ruidus's flares. In researching this, she discovered the Omen Archive project and became friends with members of the Grim Verity. She also discovered abnormalities in the two planes closest to the Prime Material Plane: the Feywild and the Shadowfell, where mysterious constructions were being built. Bells Hells encountered her for the first time when they followed Ebenold Kai and Baryn Vestisho into Ryn's study in the Fire Plane.[13]

Ryn casting Plane Shift - Cristina Anaya

Fan art of Ryn casting Plane Shift, by Cristina Anaya.[art 4]

They became allies, and later that day, after returning to Yios and capturing Tuldus, a member of the Ruby Vanguard, they contacted the Planerider again, who appeared while they were interrogating the prisoner (influencing him with her magic) and offered her help with travel to the Feywild.[14] She took responsibility to care for the incapacitated Kadija Sumal as well as Tuldus, and Plane Shifted the party into the Feywild.[15]

After their successful mission, Bells Hells returned to Exandria and contacted Ryn, who congratulated them, confirmed they hadn't lost a single day, and explained that there was another team working to destroy the Malleus Key in the Shadowfell (the two survivors of that mission, Beauregard Lionett and Caleb Widogast had, in fact, traveled with her to the excavation). She told them that she was currently investigating the Tishtan ruins, but while she was talking to Imogen, their communication was abruptly cut off.[16] The following night, using FCG's Shared Dream spell, Imogen, FCG, Chetney, and Laudna tried to search for Ryn and found her petrified body near the Malleus Key. However, before they could do anything, they were detected by Otohan Thull and had to flee the dream.[17]

Days later, when Bells Hells infiltrated the Tishtan excavation site, Fresh Cut Grass (who was manipulating the large body of a Warder automaton) managed to reach Ryn's petrified form, but while attempting to take her away she was hit by some rocks and her right arm broke. During Ludinus Da'leth's speech he made sure to uncover the statue so the Planerider would be visible as a trophy.[18] Her destiny during and after the Battle of the Red Center is unknown, but when Bells Hells infiltrated the excavation again, many days later, one of their goals was to rescue Ryn, and they discovered that her petrified body was no longer where they had last seen it.[19]

During their mission on Ruidus Bells Hells hesitated a couple of times when talking about using their scroll of Greater Restoration, knowing they would need it if they were to find Ryn's petrified body.[20][21]

After Bells Hells returned to the Red Center they checked once more and assertained that the statue of Ryn had most likely been moved, and there were no signs that it had been destroyed in its former location.[22]

Character information[]

Notable items[]

  • A long wooden case holding a series of unique metal rods[23]


Appearances and mentions[]


Planerider Ryn by Clara

Fan art of Ryn, by Clara.[art 5]

  • "You have come to my abode uninvited, but seem to have some sort of business with some of my friends, so consider yourselves at the moment not burned to a crisp."[25]
  • "The wonderful thing about magic is that eventually you become everyone's transport device."[26]
  • "Let's make things weird."[27]


  • In the Talks Machina: Campaign Wrap-up, Matt said that one of the members of the Arcana Pansophical was developing a portal connected to the Nine Hells. Since they needed demon parts for this ritual, they contracted with the Slayer's Take to find a rakshasa and harvest his parts for them.[28] This task was later assigned to one half of Vox Machina.[29] Planerider Ryn, as the planar specialist in the Arcana Pansophical, was the most likely person interested in a portal between planes or tasked with making one.
  • Some fans (as well as Aabria herself) have noted the similarity between the names and fields of study of Planerider Ryn and Laerryn Coramar-Seelie. Although not confirmed, it is theorized that Ryn would have had access to documents connected to the Architect Arcane of Avalir, and it is even possible that she would have chosen her name as a tribute to the abjurer.
  • She visited Yios at some point in her life and tried the Yiosian cheesesteak, which she liked a lot.[30]


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