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Rumblecusp is a volcanic island in the Swavain Islands, southwest of Nicodranas and northwest of Urukayxl in the Lucidian Ocean.[3] It is scheduled to be the site of TravelerCon on the 26th of Unndilar, 836 PD.


Dominated by the volcano that gives it its name, the island's shallow white sand beaches and rare trees create a tropical paradise.[4] At a distance, it is dominated by a wild mountain range, with thin switchbacked ridges giving it the odd appearance of an opening flower. In its center rises a massive mountain with a lazy trail of smoke drifting from its peak. The majority of the island is dense, lush jungle, surrounded by a faint ring of white sand beaches against rocky cliffs.[5] The jungle is so dense that it seems to rise and roil with the landscape, rising up over mountain ridges. Some of the trees push up and cause strange tower-like structures that grow much larger than all the others surrounding them.[6] The volcano itself comes to a point, with no caldera visible. There is a bit of an orange glow from a faint magma trickle near the zenith of the mountain, and a fissure from which the smoke emerges.[7]

From the southeastern inlet, a faint mist lies over a large portion of the outer jungle, giving the island an almost dream-like quality. Beneath the water are sandbanks that wind out beyond the beach, looking like white tendrils beneath the ocean.[8] Rising above the mist, the trees are extremely tall, a hundred or more feet up with thick trunks. A little further in, on the path toward the base of the massive central volcano of Rumblecusp, is a clearing holding a small village.[6]

The VillageEdit

The village consists of about two dozen or more structures built across the ground and into the tree canopies themselves. There are networks of ropes and other long pulleys and cords that are bound between trees at a distance, and there are buildings held aloft about fifty or sixty feet off the ground, with bridges connecting them. Elements of it appear to be built of driftwood, or carved from local trees, or from pieces of ships that have been scavenged.[9]

There are heavy ropes tied to the higher trunks and branches, a massive tangle of treehouses built of makeshift scavenged materials, ship parts, local lumber, and intricately woven and grown vines and dried vegetation. A third of the buildings are built up above at different levels connected by bridges. Most of the structures are supported by thick, healthy green vines, braided, entwined, and tended to hold and wrap them as it the jungle itself had risen to support and help hold the village together, structure to structure. The buildings are diverse in styles, materials, and apparent age.[10]

A central massive tree marks the middle point of the village, lush and perhaps 200-feet tall, with numerous levels of branches. In each of these branches, the vines have grown out to clutch another small homestead almost like a hand, and all of them have connected vine bridges. It resembles a high elven establishment mixed with nature, deliberate and balanced with the natural world around it.[11]


Only a few dozen people inhabit the island.[4] Pono estimated there were close to seventy when the Mighty Nein arrived there.[12]

Notable People Edit

Name Type Description
Pono NPC Human were-bear, hunter[13]
Jaina NPC Half-elven were-bear, hunter[14]
Lukash NPC Orcish leader in charge of building and organization[15]
ViridianNPC Half-elven religious leader[16]
TerraNPC Leader in charge of hunting[17]


  • Strange flowers - When Yasha smelled a purple one, she felt compelled to eat it, but her strong constitution shrugged off the presumably negative effect it would have had on her. She was able to press an orange one into her book of flowers.[2]


  • Displacer beasts[1]


"Hunted at Sea" (2x100)Edit

The Mighty Nein arrived on the island (fleeing from a dragon turtle) in preparation for TravelerCon upcoming in slightly over a week. They encountered several displacer beasts that were routed by two werebear inhabitants of the island, whom they befriended, and were led through the jungle to the village of the Vo people, followers of Vokodo.

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