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A Rug of Smothering is an animated carpet capable of smothering other creatures to death.


Rugs of Smothering can take various forms, from a lavish carpet to a common rug.[1]

The rug in the Sutan residence was embroidered and well detailed.[2]


The following is drawn from the Monster Manual, 5th Edition,[3] but most of it was demonstrated onstream.

  • Damage Immunities: Poison, Psychic
  • Condition Immunities: Blinded, Charmed, Deafened, Frightened, Paralyzed, Petrified, Poisoned
  • False Appearance: While motionless, appears to be an ordinary rug.[4]
  • Antimagic Susceptibility: Casting Dispel Magic on the Rug forces it to make a Constitution saving throw or fall unconscious temporarily. Incapacitated while in an antimagic field.
  • Smother: Grapple and suffocate any medium or small creature.[5]
  • Damage Transfer: While grappling, any damage dealt to the Rug deals half the damage to the grappled creature instead.[6]

Known Rugs of Smothering[]

"Critical Role: Grog's One-Shot" (Sx26)[]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

The Mighty Nein encountered a Rug of Smothering in the Sutan residence.[7] It took Beau in its grasp, but was then killed by Nott.

Campaign Three[]

The Furniture Battle - Amaury Allaire

Fan art of the furniture battle, including a Rug of Smothering, by Amaury Allaire.[art 2]

A not-yet-acquainted team of eight individuals found themselves on the street when animated objects began attacking civilians. Among those objects was a Rug of Smothering. It managed to separately grapple Fearne, then Dorian, but was destroyed by Laudna's Eldritch Blast.[8]


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