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Rotthold is a port city in Blightshore, located at the far south of the region. It is a hotbed of crime, but also by far the largest and most lively city in a region still nearly empty over 800 years after the Calamity.[1]


Rotthold is a commercial center of Eastern Wynandir, if primarily for commerce of the illegal variety. The often dilapidated structures of the city are mostly stone and wood, and all are covered in a glowing red moss that lights the streets by night.[1]

Defense of the city is mostly undertaken by a militia, who make use of eleven watchtowers. The city is divided into quarters.[2]

North Rotthold[]

North Rotthold houses the slums, and as it is furthest from the harbor in a city without a wall, the residents are first to be attacked by Blightshore's many hostile creatures.

East Rotthold[]

Much of this quarter is given over to the Red Market, Rotthold's center of trade.


Dockside is both home to the wealthiest residents and the center of Revelry activity within the city.

Cairn Hill[]

Cairn Hill, on the western side of the city, gets its name for the ancient catacombs on which it is built. It is known as a place for clandestine meetings among the many factions of the city.


The population of Rotthold, as a major point of trade in a dangerous region, skews towards merchants, criminals, and adventurers of all stripes.[1] The city lacks a formal leader, but an informal consortium of merchants, adventurers, and the leaders of various guilds meet privately on a weekly basis to discuss issues that may affect the city and their interests.[1]


As of 835 PD, Rotthold's population is 8,800, 30% of whom are human, 15% of whom are drow, 15% goblins, 15% tieflings, 5% Hollow Ones, and 20% from other races.[1]


The Myriad and the Revelry both have significant presences here, and unlike on the Menagerie Coast, can operate openly in this lawless place. The two organizations have an uneasy agreement that governs Rotthold; Revelry pirates manage trade and export by sea, while the Myriad oversees the same within the city. Much of the city is in some way in debt to the Myriad.[3]

The Cerberus Assembly also has a presence here, albeit a secret one.



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