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Roshan is a soldier of the Aurora Watch between 836 PD and the 840s PD.[1] He accompanied Leylas Kryn to Bazzoxan in search of a means to save Quana Kryn from the Abyss, and he was later among the soldiers killed by Caelestis in the Vermaloc Wildwood beyond the range of the Luxon beacons.


Roshan is a half-orc[2] with orange hair, facial hair, and small tusks. His purple skin suggests that he is also half-drow (making him an elf-orc).[3]


Roshan was a member of the Aurora Watch, apparently of some rank given his ability to direct others.[4]

After Quana Kryn was kidnapped and brought to the Abyss, Roshan accompanied Leylas Kryn and Dryca to the temple at Bazzoxan, where Dryca promised a means to save Quana could be found. Roshan was suspicious and distrusted him, and Leylas observed that Roshan was here because she could not trust Dryca. Roshan was nervous when Dryca alluded to the costs of rescuing Quana in the manner provided, but Leylas reassured him she already made her decision. When Quana returned alone to the town in Bazzoxan, Roshan rushed to her side. He demanded Dryca explain where Leylas was, learning that Leylas understood only one could return. He, Dryca, and Quana returned to Rosohna.[3]

A significant time later, Roshan was among those sent with Quana to the Vermaloc Wildwood, where she would execute Caelestis beyond the reach of the Luxon beacons. Quana sent him and the Watch away. Though he was initially reluctant on account of the orders given by Leylas, he took the soldiers into the woods to hunt for game. They returned to see Quana sending Caelestis with Dryca instead of executing her. Before Quana could engage him and the Watch, Caelestis transformed into a monster and killed Dryca. Roshan ordered the soldiers to prevent Caelestis from escaping. She killed the soldiers and grabbed Roshan by the throat. He pled with Quana for help, spurring her into action. However, Caelestis snapped his neck, killing him beyond range of the beacons.[4]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Roshan: "Many tunnels run beneath this cursed place. Most of them we want to avoid like the Plague of Strathfell. How can we trust the nether gnome's instructions, Your Grace?"
    Leylas: "We can't, Roshan. That's why you're here."


  • He is the first named character who died verifiably beyond range of the Luxon beacons.


  1. The official Critical Role time line graphic, accompanying the official post "What You Need to Know Before Watching Exandria Unlimited", identifies the events of The Tales of Exandria: The Bright Queen as happening in 855 PD. It is presumed that narrative's present, featuring Abrianna, takes place in 855 PD with the events featuring Caelestis taking place several years before.
  2. Dryca calls him "orc" in The Tales of Exandria: The Bright Queen #2, but his general physicality suggests that he is half-orcish rather than full orcish.
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