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Ropers are monstrosities. They are ambush hunters, taking the appearance of a stalagmite while waiting for their prey to get close.


Fjord against the Roper - Tyrone Andersen

Fan art of Fjord versus a roper, by Erin Andersen.[art 2]

While waiting for prey, ropers are indistinguishable from a regular stalagmite. When in combat, they reveal their tendrils and their fang-filled mouths.


While they remain still, ropers are indistinguishable from a stalagmite or similar cave formation. They are very slow-moving, but they can climb on walls and ceilings.

When their prey gets close, ropers lash out with several tendrils and try to grapple and restrain creatures so as to reel them in toward their mouths for a powerful bite attack.

Known ropers[]

Jester casts Banishment by HitokiriChibi

Fan art of Jester banishing a roper, by HitokiriChibi.[art 3]

The Mighty Nein encountered two ropers while making their way through the Underdark tunnels left by the Kryn drow.[4]

They also encountered a roper on the bridge on their way to the King's Cage.[5]

Not far away, as of about 836 PD, ropers may be encountered in a cavern with an acidic river within the Betrayers' Rise.[6]


On the first encounter with a roper, Travis Willingham exclaimed, "What is that sadistic Japanese traffic cone?"[7]


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