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A rope of climbing is a magical rope that can respond to simple commands.



The rope from the Trove of Marwa is made of pale green silk and is 50 feet long.[2]


A rope of climbing can be commanded to tie and untie itsef.[4] It can also move on its own, coil itself up, or knot itself at regular intervals for climbing. Its AC and HP are both 20, and it regenerates itself slowly if damaged, unless it is brought to 0 HP in which case it is completely destroyed.[1]


Marwa Endalia showed the soon-to-be-named Bells Hells the rope when they were looking for useful items at her shop. She demonstrated its properties and told them that it had helped her in the past.[5] Orym purchased it.[6]

While Bells Hells investigated Underrush Mines with the Green Seekers, Orym used the rope of climbing to tie the Shade Mother to a piece of mining equipment, restraining her and allowing the party to escape.[7]


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