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Roe Estani is an uniya astronomist who retired to the Heartmoor Hamlet in the Oderan Wilds. He was present at the attack on Balan and Zeyar of House Lumas and was sought by Bells Hells in investigations related to the attack and to the twins' studies. As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer.



Estani is an older uniya man in his "venerable years" and aging gracefully. He has blue-gray tinted skin that is weathered with age and travel, and he is balding but still with some silver hair remaining. He has striking emerald green eyes, but one is clouded by a cataract (presumably his right eye). He is described as having long pointed ears, a defined orcish nose, and thinner and finer bone structure as evidence of his racial background.[1]


Estani greeted the Bells Hells warmly when answering the door to their visit and has a kindly demeanor, offering to make tea as they all spoke to one another.[2] Based on the condition of his home, he does not appear to have an interest in maintaining the property.[3] The interior of his home is the cluttered "organized chaos" of someone who collects many things, including numerous piles of books, but is unsure of how to order them.[4]



Estani is from Yios in Aeshanadoor, where he worked as an astronomist[5] and taught at the Aydinlan Seminary.[6] At some point before 843 PD, he retired and moved to the Heartmoor Hamlet in the Oderan Wilds. He lives in Blue Herald's Hill on the eastern side of the Hamlet in the Mosslight Manor, a physically neglected and unkempt home secured by multiple newly installed locks.[1]

Estani's early work was on celestial solstices and half-solstices in which various astronomical bodies aligned, spiking the magical energy flowing through Exandria's ley lines and allowing the performance of the most powerful protective incantations. His research revealed signs of other places and worlds, and records of visiting strangers who said they were from "far off realms", and he began studying the possibility of the red moon Ruidus being either a waystation or source of this travel, although he concluded that was not the case.[7] Through their shared interest in Ruidus's irregular flares, he became friends with the the twins Balan and Zeyar of House Lumas in Jrusar through correspondence.[8]

Weeks before the events of "The Draw of Destiny" (3x01), set in 843 PD, the Lumas twins were killed while visiting Estani.[5] He was present at the attack and sent the twins' bodies and possessions home to their mother Ela Lumas in Jrusar.[9]

Campaign Three

Bells Hells visited Estani to discuss the attack on the Lumas twins and its similarity to an attack in Zephrah that Orym was investigating. They also hoped that Estani would have the missing pages to a study the Lumas twins were reading related to Imogen Temult's dreams or have insights to the causes of these dreams.[10] Upon learning that the group was visiting at the direction of Oshad Breshio, bodyguard to the Lumas twins, he invited them inside for tea and a conversation.[11]

Fan art of Estani's telescope, by Clara.[art 2]

Over hot lime water, Estani told Bells Hells that he was completely ignored by the Lumas twins' assailants, and corroborated Breshio's account: that the attackers melted away into a dark ooze that then evaporated.[12] He also explained that the twins had first contacted him by mail years ago over their shared interest in astronomy, and they became good friends.[13] The discussion with Bells Hells then turned specifically to the twins' interest in Ruidus, and Estani told the party that the twins had intended to travel to Aydinlan Seminary's Omen Archive.[14] Imogen asked about the pages from the study, and Estani said that the twins' possessions that they were carrying while murdered were not found on their bodies.[15] Before Bells Hells left, Estani invited them to come back that night and look through his telescope at the moons.[16] They later did so, and saw that the surface of Ruidus resembled Imogen's dreams.[17]

As the party prepared to leave town, Estani ran into Chetney and Orym in the central square. He told them that he trusted them enough to now tell them that the Lumas twins had been involved with a secret academic group called the Grim Verity, which investigates potentially blasphemous theories, and which may have been why they were targeted. He gave them a letter to give to Ebenold Kai should they travel to the seminary in Yios so that they could continue investigating the death and perhaps bring the attackers to justice.[18]


House Lumas

Estani is a friend of House Lumas.[5][9] He seems to be deeply affected by the twins' murder.[11]

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