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The Rod of the Solitary Scout is a magic rod found by the Mighty Nein in the Folding Halls of Halas.


The Rod is a dark metallic rod about two feet long. The metal is sparkling, and at the very end of the rod, at the base, there is a small domed carving.[2]


The rod gives a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls. It requires attunement and one hand free to use. It also contains and can cast three spells: Grease, Magic Mouth, and Expeditious Retreat.[3]


The Mighty Nein found the Rod in the Arcane Armory of The Folding Halls of Halas accessed through the Happy Fun Ball while searching for Yussa Errenis. Jester took it and used its spells for the first time in the fight against The Inevitable End at the Invulnerable Vagrant to cast Grease.[4] She used its Magic Mouth spell to create a rock that would say, "Here they are, ready for the taking!" if the dragon turtle came within range of the hidden entrance to the cavern containing the mothballed ships on Rumblecusp.[5]

In "The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1" (Sx73), Jester used it to cast Magic Mouth on a tree attempting to lure away a monkey that was following them through the Cyrios End Forest and hooting loudly. The spell succeeded but the monkey continued following, and hooting.[6]


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