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A Rod of Mercurial Form is a magical rod that can transform into other items at the bearer's command.[4]



Rod of Mercurial Form is a steel rod engraved with tiny symbols representing different kinds of weapons, as well as the monogram "T.D".[1]


In Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, the Rod of Mercurial Form makes its tranformation when a creature holding the rod speaks the name of any simple or martial weapon aloud as a bonus action, causing the rod to transform into an ordinary weapon of that type. When in the form of a ranged weapon, this rod magically creates its own ammunition, which disappears after a ranged attack hits or misses.[1]

In the Campaign One: Vox Machina, the rod turned into different items for an hour.[5] The limitations thereof were unclear; Tary claimed "[the] rod can become anything".[6]


Tary purchased the rod at some point prior to meeting Vox Machina. He demonstrated it to them in order to argue that he was a seasoned adventurer who had acquired many items in his travels.[7] He primarily transformed the rod into weapons, which he used in combat against the kraken in the Elemental Plane of Water[8] and at various times during Vox Machina's sojourn into hell.

Tary bet the rod against Grog's Alchemy Jug, with whoever was most liked by a woman in a Whitestone tavern taking both items as the prize.[9] However, the winner was unclear and they chose to each keep their own respective items. Tary still had the rod over a decade later when he interviewed a number of recruits for the Darrington Brigade, and it appeared to have seen some damage.[10] He transformed it into a sword and used it to attack Quackthulhu.[11]


  • Tary has transformed the rod into the following:
  • The rod of mercurial form's ability to transform into multiple weapons, including a flaming sword, is similar to another magical rod, the rod of lordly might.[19]


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