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The Rockguard Garrison is an outpost guarding the frontier of the Dwendalian Empire against incursions from Xhorhas. Set in the gap between the Dunrock Mountains and the north side of the Brokenveil Bluffs, while the Ashguard Garrison guards the south side, the Rockguard Garrison forms part of the protective border that the Empire holds to keep the Xhorhasian hordes and creatures from the wastes from wandering in.[3]



The fortress was jointly constructed by Grimgolir and the Empire to mark their union.[4] Grimgolir continues to help train soldiers for the Rockguard Garrison.[5]

The Rockguard Garrison held out after the Ashguard Garrison fell to the Kryn Dynasty in the War of Ash and Light, becoming the focus of the conflict at that point.[6] There was at least one attempted incursion there.[7]


  • Crown Marshal Hayden Damurag: At the beginning of the War of Ash and Light in 835 PD, Damurag was assigned to oversee the defense of the Rockguard Garrison.[8]
  • Marshal Garad Velious: Commands the garrison.[4]


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