Lord Robert Sharpe is a human male, one of the Lords of Nicodranas. As an NPC, Robert Sharpe is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Lord Sharpe has a thin creepy mustache and a receding hairline. While he is in his late fifties, he appears to be desperately trying to cling to an element of his youth, and in doing so ends up looking far older than he would if he just embraced it.

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Lord Sharpe is self-assured and fancies himself as a lady's man, but comes off as more aggressive and creepy than debonair. He fails to notice when his advances are not welcomed. His reaction to Jester's prank luring him semi-naked onto her mother's balcony was to attempt to have her killed, forcing her to leave town.

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Lord Robert Sharpe was a client of the Ruby of the Sea, and was at the Lavish Chateau to see her when Jester used Disguise Self to appear to be Marion and lured him out onto the balcony, pantsless and wearing nothing but a girdle,[1] and locked him out. He swore to have her killed in retaliation, and was the reason she left Nicodranas and was traveling northward when she went through Trostenwald and the Mighty Nein was born.[2]

Months later, Marion noted that Lord Sharpe was still very much a prick, although no longer a recurring client.[3]

"The Fancy and the Fooled" (2x97) Edit

Jester spotted Lord Sharpe at the Marquis's party, and initially hid behind Fjord, but Sharpe approached the group and started making unwelcome and smarmy advances on Yasha, who didn't know how to handle them. Jester stepped out and told him to leave Yasha alone. She successfully cast Charm Person on him, and sent him out onto a balcony to retrieve her fictional glove, locking the door behind him which Veth then sealed with the Dagger of Denial.

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  • "You look like you're not from around here. What is your name, you gorgeous creature?"

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