A Robe of Flaying is a magical item that seems to have no effect when worn, but upon attempting removal, it clings to the skin while feeling as if sapping the strength from one's body and air from one's lungs.[1]  It slowly tears the skin off of the wearer.[2]

Acquired by Vox Machina Edit

A Robe of Flaying was gifted to Vax'ildan by Hotis the rakshasa (under the guise of Shaun Gilmore) as a clever means of parting Vax from his armor and weapons.[3]  After defeating Hotis, Vax tried to remove the robe and painfully discovered its enchantment, which Keyleth unsuccessfully tried to break with Dispel Magic.[1]  Using the magic-nullifying aura of the siphon in the Ziggurat beneath Castle Whitestone, Vax successfully removed the cursed robe,[4] which Vox Machina saved for future use and stored in Grog's Bag of Holding.[2]

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