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Robbie Daymond is a voice actor. He played Dorian Storm in Exandria Unlimited and Campaign Three: Bells Hells.

Critical Role Productions

Robbie Daymond played Dorian Storm in all eight initial episodes of the Exandria Unlimited miniseries,[1] and in the first 14 episodes of the third campaign of Critical Role. At the end of the episode in which Dorian left the party, it was announced Daymond would return for a second installment of Exandria Unlimited.[2] On August 10, 2021, it was announced that he would be narrating the audiobook edition of Kith & Kin after Sumalee Montano left the project due to scheduling conflicts.[3]

In test games held before Exandria Unlimited, Robbie played a goblin named Flinttip "Flint" Bearscat, apparently a rogue, as his second test character. He appeared in Narrative Telephone as the subject of Robbie's story.[4]

Player Characters

Other Work

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Robbie graduated in acting and began doing voice work in 2010. He does voice-over work in television and video games, including Spider-man/Peter Parker in several Spider-man productions, Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon, Prompto in Final Fantasy XV and Akechi in Persona 5.

Personal Life

Robbie is of Native American and German descent. He has two children.


  • Robbie holds the record for most episodes appearances of a guest player in a main campaign of Critical Role, with fourteen consecutive episodes in Campaign Three.
    • He also appeared in all 8 episodes of the miniseries Exandria Unlimited and returned for two special episodes of Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, bringing his total episode appearances across all Critical Role productions to 24.
  • Robbie was present for the 2021 Halloween episode of Critical Role, "Trial by Firelight" (3x02), and was dressed as Matthew Mercer.
  • According to Robbie's resume available on his website, he can speak in 13 different accents including Cockney, East Indian, Russian and Spanish.[5]
  • Robbie previously costarred with Ashley Johnson on the animated series Infinity Train. However, Exandria Unlimited was the first time the two had directly worked together, as Ashley recorded her lines separately from Robbie during production on said series.[6]



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