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Rissanya "Rissa" Tinkertop is a young adult gnome from Hupperdook. As an NPC, Rissa is played by Matthew Mercer.



Rissa is described as having a surly grin and a curly mop of brownish-red hair. She is seen wearing simple clothes, leather gloves and eye protectors that can dangle from her neck. Her face is covered in soot.[1]




Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23)[]

The Mighty Nein met Rissa just outside of Hupperdook, and she offered to show them around the city in exchange for a round of drinks but mainly because she was bored and thought it would be entertaining. She accompanied them on the path upward and showed them around the city, telling them she hadn't yet found a vocation that fit her personality. She asked them if they were seeking quiet accommodation or not so quiet accommodation and recommended they go to the Blushing Tankard as whistles sounded through the city, indicating the end of the work day and start of the evening's revelry.

"The Hour of Honor" (2x24)[]

Rissa explained the gnomish 'work hard, play hard ' culture of the city and led the Nein to the Blushing Tankard, taking the reins of the cart. Upon arrival, the party found a table, but Rissa was intercepted by two young gnomes, Ashton and Fitz, who mocked her father. The Nein chased them off and Rissa told them her father is an inventor of some renown who'd had a hard couple of years. She then explained the Hour of Honor to the party, although she had no interest in competing.

The next day, the Mighty Nein found most of their coin purses missing and began investigating, finding Rissa sat at a far table. They briefly suspected her, but concluded that if she'd stolen their purses, she wouldn't be still in the tavern. They asked her if they knew anyone who regularly robbed people, but she did not. She thanked the Nein for keeping her company last night, as it kept those two from returning to make fun of her. They decided to investigate Ashton and Fitz, who Rissa told them lived near her father, so the Nein decided to visit him first, as he sounded interesting.

Rissa led them to her father's shack, and her father introduced himself as Cleff Tinkertop. Rissa found him rather embarrassing for much of their encounter. She insisted that the Nein didn't want any of his inventions. When Fjord said he found some of them rather impressive, Rissa told him that he wouldn't think that if he knew what some of his inventions had done, which upset Cleff. Cleff told the party about his Gear Warden and the damage it had caused, saying it was a black mark against both his and Rissa's names. The Nein agreed to take care of the Gear Warden in exchange for some of his inventions, then Rissa escorted them out of the house and towards the forge where the boys work.

Beau told Rissa that she understands what its like to deal with the burden of a family name, but her father seems to really love her and she shouldn't take that for granted. She then continued to guide them around the city as they carried out their investigation.

"Divergent Paths" (2x25)[]

Rissa lead the Mighty Nein into the Iron Lot, and pointed out more of Hupperdook's sights including the Firemark Facility. Upon learning it manufactured firearms, Nott asked if the Firemark Facility was heavily protected. Rissa snickered and replied that most everything was in Hupperdook. Rissa then pointed out the Gearhole Prison. Molly asked what Rissa knew about the machine her father built, and she explained its basic structure. Caleb asked if it was animated by magical means, which Rissa admitted it was partially enchanted but mostly clockwork. Molly asked if anyone had any blueprints of the Gear Warden so they could make a plan of attack, but Rissa didn't like the idea of going back to her father. The group decided to go anyway, and bought him a pie.

Rissa and the party returned to the Tinkertop residence and met with Cleff, who gave them more information on the Gear Warden. He then agreed to accompany them to the Gearhole Prison, despite his agoraphobia. Rissa helped the Nein with their plan to sneak into the prison, but refused to enter with them and decided to wait outside with her father instead.

Once the job was done, the party reunited with the Tinkertops who thanked them for their help. The next day, the party stopped by their house to collect their payment. Rissa was sad to see them leave town so soon, but happily accepted their drinking tokens and promised to buy them a round next time they were in town.

Dangerous Designs[]

Once the War of Ash and Light picked up, Rissa and Cleff were put to work in the Builder's Plot by the city to design devices, such as a metallic glider, for the war effort. Rissa was with Cleff when an adventuring party hired by Watchmaster Bram Gulchswattle to find the escaped prisoner Sken Zabriss came to him to ask about a small broken automaton found within Sken's prison cell.[2]


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