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A Ring of Water Walking is a magical ring that lets the wearer walk on water.


The ring is of beautiful silver make and holds a blue gem.[2] Any creature wearing the ring can walk on any liquid surface as if it were solid ground.[1][3]


The Mighty Nein found a Ring of Water Walking among the items in the rubble of the manticore nest within the Rill's Mouth Mines.[4] Initially worn by Jester Lavorre, it was soon given to Nott, who has worn it since to combat her hydrophobia.[5] She utilized it in the Labenda Swamp while scouting the troll's home,[6] to cross the lava river during the encounter with fire giants in the tunnel between Felderwin and Xhorhas,[7] and to be able to move at full speed in the swamp battle against the husk zombies.[8] After returning from the city of Cognouza in the Astral Sea, Veth gave the ring to her son Luc.[9]


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