"We have varying degrees of rings of protection. These rings are designed to protect the individual who wears. We have one with a basic enchantment and one with one step higher above that."
Sherri describing the Rings of Protection available at Gilmore's Glorious Goods[src]

A Ring of Protection is an enchanted ring that provides magical protection to the wearer.[2] They come in varying levels of enchantment.[9]

History Edit

Rings of Protection of two levels of enchantment were available for sale at Gilmore's Glorious Goods in Emon. When Vox Machina came by on a shopping trip, party members Pike Trickfoot and Keyleth expressed interest in it, and the party purchases the ring, in addition to several other magic items,[10] and Keyleth would eventually come into possession of it.[11] Vox Machina would later spend some time divvying up their recently purchased magic items, including the Ring of Protection, and Vex'ahlia Vessar would keep it.[12]

An elderly woman who assisted The Broker in a mission to kill Lillith Daturai wore a Ring of Protection. After she was killed, Vox Machina looted it off her body.[7] It was likely this particular Ring of Protection that that Vox Machina presented to the Fire Giant Whaska in the City of Brass as payment for information, which the giant rejected.[13]

Slayer's Take member Kashaw Vesh held a Ring of Protection.[6]

In Tal'Dorei, Rings of Protection were worn by cyclops Stormcallers.[4]

In 835 P.D., Mighty Nein party member Fjord inquired shopkeeper Pumat Sol if he had any "articles of enchantment", such as a ring, cloak, or bracelet.[14] Later, while adventuring beneath Bazzoxan, the Mighty Nein discover a magical ring that party member Caleb Widogast casts Identify on, revealing it to be a Ring of Protection. The ring is promptly given to party member Yasha Nydoorin.[8]

Behind the scenes Edit

The Ring of Protection is a magic item in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition that first appeared in the Dungeon Master's Guide, which was published in November 2014.[15] The Ring of Protection made its first appearance in the first campaign episode "Shopping and Shipping" (1x14). In Exandria, Rings of Protection can have different levels of enchantment; in the official rules, however, only have one level of enchantment.

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The Ring of Protection is categorized as a Ring, and +1 Rings of Protection are of a rare rarity. They requires attunement, and provide the wearer with a +1 or +2 bonus to their armor class and saving throws.[1]

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