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A Ring of Invisibility is a legendary item that permits the wearer to become invisible.



The ring Vox Machina found had interwoven gold and platinum bands.[2]


The ring requires attunement. An attuned wearer can use the ring to turn invisible as an action. Wearing a Ring of Invisibility, they become visible again when they attack, cast a spell, or use a bonus action to become visible, but there are no limitations on the uses per day.[3][1] A Ring of Greater Invisibility has the same properties but actions do not break the spell.[4]


Vox Machina found a Ring of Invisibility in Vorugal's horde after defeating him.[2] Vax'ildan ultimately took the ring and first attuned to it when the party was in the City of Brass.[5]

Vax lent the ring to Kerrek when Kerrek joined the party to help fight Raishan.[6] He later gave it to Tova after she had helped them in the Nine Hells to make it easier for her to escape.[7]

In Niirdal-Poc Syngorn assassins led by Myr'atta Niselor attacked Crown Keepers and tried to kidnap Ted, capturing him with Opal. One of the assassins wore a Ring of Greater Invisibility,[8] which was picked up after his death by Opal.


The ring of invisibility in D&D is likely based off the rings of power from Lord of the Rings.


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