The Rillway Road is the main road that heads north from Alfield to Berleben[1] via Felderwin.[2][3]

Description Edit

Alfield to Felderwin Edit

The hills beside the road are covered in knee-high to chest-high grass.[2] The Rill's Mouth Mines is located a hour and a half to the east of Alfield, and north of the Rillway Road.[2]

The Crossroads Edit

At this point of the road, it diverges into a Y-intersection with a series of wooden signs. On the intersections stand a sign to inform travelers wich way to go:

The Crossroads to Berleben Edit

This part of the road is about 110 miles long.[5] The road crosses the Eisfus River[3], that breaks from the Ounterloch heading south, by bridge.[6]

Travelers Edit


"Have Bird, Will Travel" (2x23)Edit

The Mighty Nein crossed the crossroads on their way to Shadycreek Run. At that point there was a very small merchant setup with three tents of varying sizes. There was a blue and white striped tent, a white tent, and a faded green one. A couple of carts were stopped off to the side, and some folks that were looking in the tents.[7]

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