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The Righteous Brand is the military of the Dwendalian Empire.[1] They wear plate mail with a silver and dark-crimson design.[2]

Organization Edit

It was told at the Harvest Close Festival that if someone joined the military they got a good wage of one gold per day at the start with the posibility to rise in the ranks and receive raises. A soldier would also be fed, given housing, receive all the equipment they would need, and would experience glory as they would be able help to keep the Dwendalian Empire safe.[3][4]

Those that signed up with the military were brought to train in Bladegarden and after a period of training there, one had a minimum of three years service they had to put in before they could decide to stay or not. Desertion from the military was illegal and brought with it imprisonment and fines.[4]

While the Righteous Brand outnumbers the Kryn military, the Kryn can use underground passages to strike in small numbers almost anywhere in the Empire. Thus, during the war against the Kryn Dynasty, King Bertrand Dwendal stationed Righteous Brand at all known cavern entrances in Dwendalian territory.[5]

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Righteous Brand Troopers (fanart concept)

"Harvest Close" (2x17)Edit

During the Harvest Close Festival, members of the Righteous Brand organized and ran a number of games in which the citizens of Zadash were invited to partake. Notably, the Righteous Brand was involved with games involving tests of strength. One such game was Titan's Grasp, which had participants attempt to move a stone on a fulcrum with a hammer.

Another competition hosted by the Righteous Brand was an arm-wrestling competition, where the winner was invited to challenge "the Righteous Brand's finest soldier," Gunther Prast. Successful competitors would also be asked if they would consider joining the forces of the Righteous Brand.

A group of five Righteous Brand soldiers took part in the Victory Pit as The Last Line , from Bladegarden. In their first round they encountered a 12-foot tall banderhobb, which they defeated. Their second fight was against two minotaurs, who defeated them.

Prior to the tournament at the victory pit commencing, a page had entered the lounge area to inform the Starosta of Zadash, in a private meeting that The Ashguard Garrison at the Brokenveil Bluffs had fallen to the Kryn Dynasty. With accounts numbering the dead at over 1000, war had been formally declared against the invading forces and on the wastes of Xhorhas.[10]

"Labenda Awaits" (2x20)Edit



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