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Rexxentrum is the capital of the Dwendalian Empire; it is a massive city north of Zadash.[2]

City Description[]

Rexxentrum is a huge, sprawling "metropolis of multitudes of towers and chimneys of all heights and sizes," on rolling hills still visible under the structures built upon them.[3]

It is the largest city in Wildemount and a center of many kinds for the empire: the political seat of power; the heart of arcane study; and a cultural hub. Not unlike in Rosohna, the wealthiest denizens live in the center of the city, while poorer people and families live towards the edges, some outside the protection of Rexxentrum’s walls. It is a colorful city, of cobblestones and arcane lanterns, of connected rooftops and street performers; but it is also a city with a heavy military presence.[1]

Points of Interest[]

  • The garment district: An area of suppliers, wholesalers, and textile warehouses that sell fine materials, fabrics, and silks, both crafted within the Empire and imported from beyond. There are also a number of very talented custom tailors.[4]
  • The Cryptic Collection: A minor magical relics shop and apothecary located at the end of an alleyway between two large warehouses. It is a humble if somewhat creepy single-story building in rustic weathered wood with a tiled roof decorated with numerous brass and iron chimes, wind instruments, and charms dangling from the edges. Within are a number of moss-covered cages holding familiar-type animals, hollowed bone musical instruments, and the odors of musty earth and mildewed leather change into something else entirely with every few steps. It is owned by Keona the Keen, a long-fingered half-elf woman in her fifties.[5]
  • Rexxentrum Toy Authority: Makers of wood carvings for people of the city, including members of the Cerberus Assembly. According to Chetney Pock O'Pea, several members have a tattoo with the initials RTA.[6]
The storm over Rexxentrum - Joric

Fan art of Rexxentrum in the storm, by Joric.[art 2]

The Tangles[]

The Tangles is the semicircular region southwest of the Shimmer Ward. It is the oldest portion of Rexxentrum and its small streets are unplanned and resemble a tangle when seen from above. It is now a working class residential area and the location of much of the general commerce of the city.[7]

  • Vigil's Circle: Vigil’s Circle is marked by a network of ring-like streets that surround it. It is a circular marketplace, filled with shops and industries.[8]
    • Thaydeen's Endless Emporium of Enchanted Eccentricities: A two-story cylindrical building, surrounded by a set of dark maroon velvet curtains trimmed in gold rope that open at the arched doorway. The interior is full of knickknacks and minor magical items.[9] It is owned by Dimble Thaydeen.
  • Tower of Writ: The central temple to Erathis within the city, it appears as a small fortress of gray rock[10] from which the Prime Arbiter delivers his judgments.[11] It is surrounded by the road along which the shops of Vigil’s Circle lie.[12]
  • Claykeep Prison: The main prison of Rexxentrum, located next to the Tower of Writ.[13]
  • Chantry of the Dawn A massive, beautiful cathedral located near the district wall[14] just south of the Shimmer Ward.[15] This cathedral serves as a temple to Pelor.[16] It dates back to ancient times, and the city of Rexxentrum was founded around it.[14]

The Court of Colors[]

The Court of Colors is one of Rexxentrum’s three main plazas, and keeping with its district is a complex and lively tangle of streets full of trade and art.[17]

  • Library of The Cobalt Soul: A beautiful cerulean building marked by four short multi-level domed towers of polished blue stone, this library contains teleportation circles to Cobalt branches in Zadash, Port Damali, Tal'Dorei, and Vasselheim.[18] It is situated in the Court of Colors, west of the Chantry of the Dawn.[19]

Platinum Veranda[]

A plaza in the northwestern part of the Tangles,[20] it is the location of many luxurious homes, and a site for entertainment. It also holds the Dragon Seat, Rexxentrum’s main temple to Bahamut.[12]

The Shimmer Ward[]

Rexxentrum's Shimmer Ward - Caltrik

Fan art of Rexxentrum's Shimmer Ward, by @caltrik.[art 3]

The Shimmer Ward is the central pentagonal portion of the city, walled in towering pale stone. Its main gate of heavy steel is on its southern side. It is a “sprawling region of vibrant gardens that carve through the streets and neighborhoods like a colorful maze, encircling massive estates that house nobility and the wealthy elite.”[21]

  • Camarouth Cottage: Located on the southwestern side of the Shimmer Ward near the main gates, the Cottage is a “beautiful, expansive, two story inn of pale yellow stone and braided thatch for roofing. The windowsill gardens are lush, and the rooms each hold their own separate balconies that overlook the entirety of the ward. The dark cherrywood interior has tall ceilings in the main entryway, magically lit by two large dark iron chandeliers. A staircase immediately to the left of the front desk leads to the second floor. A doorway on the right opens into a tavern or dining hall.”[22]
  • Silvered Sunset Oasis: A high-end bathhouse providing baths, massages, pedicures, haircuts, and facials.[23]

Academy Grounds[]

Located in the northwest of the Shimmer Ward, the Soltryce Academy has rising walkways and ivory halls rising above the surrounding homes, guild halls, and walls of the Ward.[24][25] The campus is heavily guarded, with carefully manicured grounds.[14]

The Candles[]

Located on the north and northeastern ends of the Shimmer Ward, the Candles are eight staggering towers encircling Castle Ungebroch, each unique in its design and structure, where the eight chief members of the Cerberus Assembly reside.[26][27] These spires were built by the original Cerberus Assembly members, per their own preferences, but have undergone considerable alterations over the years by various successors, creating a somewhat incongruous and even unsettling appearance.[14]

Rexxentrum - Cyarna

Fan art of Rexxentrum at night, by Cyarna Trim.[art 4]

Castle Ungebroch Terrace[]

Castle Ungebroch is the seat of King Bertrand Dwendal. The castle terrace includes several military outposts, and the castle itself is a building of dark-colored stone, multiple towers, and large stained glass windows.[14]

The Mudtop Ward[]

The northern impoverished neighborhood. Here, unlike the rest of the city, the streets are not cobblestoned and therefore become mud in the fairly frequent rainfall.[28] It is a cold neighborhood and disease is common, but some healers and priests frequent the area to help those who live there.[12]

  • Grim Shelf Tavern: A tiny, skeezy dive bar.[29]
  • King's Cut Butchery: A very large butcher shop located between Cy's Toppers hat store and a seller of fine pottery[30] in the Mudtop Ward.[31] Underneath it is the Stone Coffin, a secret fighting pit.[32]

The Mosaic Ward[]

The southern portion of the city holds the Mosaic Ward, a residential area of “”colorful banners and small fences.””[33][12] The district is a hotbed of crime and violence, policed with varying interest by the local Crownsguard. This has led to the rise of vigilantes, who attempt to protect the poorer citizens who are most frequently the victims of crime in the Mosaic Ward.[12]


Rexxentrum Map

Official map of Rexxentrum, by Deven Rue from the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, p. 105.[art 5]



Rexxentrum is the largest city on the continent. In the year 835 PD, it has a population of 205,200, more than that of Port Damali and Zadash combined.[34] A majority of the population is human (81%), but there are many dwarves (8%) and halflings (6%) as well.[1]

Notable People[]

Name Type Description
Bertrand Dwendal NPC King of the Dwendalian Empire[35][36]
Trent Ikithon NPC Archmage of Civil Influence in the Cerberus Assembly[37]
Ludinus Da'leth NPC Archmage of Domestic Protections in the Cerberus Assembly[38]
Vence Nuthaleus NPC Annex to Ludinus Da'leth[39]
Kathedoc NPC Archivist at the Cobalt Soul[40]
Cardinal Respa NPC Priestess at the Chantry of the Dawn[41]
Ishmara NPC Marshal of the Righteous Brand[42]
Oliver Schreiber NPC Assistant to King Dwendal[43]
Sydnock Truscan NPC Prime Arbiter[44] of the Empire
Yudala Fon NPC High Curator of the Cobalt Soul[45]
Kela Camarouth NPC Dwarven owner and proprietor of the Camarouth Cottage, an Inn in the Shimmer Ward, with grandsons Yeeza and Poma[46][47]
Jacquel Brome NPC Half-orc proprietor of the King's Cut, a butchery with a clandestine fighting pit (the Stone Coffin) beneath[48][49]
Keona the Keen NPC Long fingered half-elf proprietor of The Cryptic Collection , a store selling various hand-carved bone instruments, statues and magical items.
Dimble Thaydeen NPC Goliath proprietor of Thaydeen's Endless Emporium of Enchanted Eccentricities, a minor magic shop[50]
Astrid Becke NPC A Volstrucker living on the grounds of Trent Ikithon's tower in The Candles
Eadwulf Grieve NPC A Volstrucker working under the Cerberus Assembly
Vess DeRogna NPC Archmage of Antiquity in the Cerberus Assembly[51]
Quana Seledo NPC Noble and member of the Locksmiths, a group against the totalitarian rule of the king[14]


  • Cerberus Assembly: This organization has most of its members centered in Rexxentrum with others scattered through the continent. [52]
  • The Cobalt Soul: Has an Archive in the city, and one of the two current High Curators of the order is headquartered here.


Rexxentrum was founded in 514 PD, and due to its advantageous location, quickly became the seat of power for the growing Dwendalian Empire.[1]

Caleb Widogast studied in Rexxentrum at the Soltryce Academy in the late 810s PD.[53]

After the apogee solstice of 843 PD it was reported that there had been "phantom explosions" in the capital, as well as rumors of devilish entities.[54]


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  • "Rexxentrum" is likely derived from Reichszentrum, German for "center of the empire". Alternatively (or additionally) it might be based on Rex and centrum, Latin for "king" and "center" respectively. Either way it likely owes its origin to the Proto-Indo-European *huregs, which is the reconstructed origin of numerous other cognates, such as the Celtic ri and the Sanskrit raja (both also meaning "king" or "ruler.")
  • Rexxentrum is stated to be about twice the size of Emon,[55] but has a slightly smaller population.
  • "Ungebroch", the name of King Dwendal's castle, is close to the German word for "unbroken", which Matt stated to be the case.


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