Reverend Mason is a pious man who came to Deadwood to rebuild the local church. He is played by Travis Willingham.

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The Reverend has a scar on his right cheek.

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Reverend Mason is a deeply pious man, often turning to prayer when the strange and supernatural happenings of Deadwood become too much for him. He seems a little naive to the ways of outlaws and combat in general, with Miriam Landisman often needing to go out of her way to protect him. Reverend Mason seems kind and compassionate to everyone in Deadwood despite the camp's hostility, illegal activity and the occasional naysayer.

When the group were given their arcane abilities, the Reverend viewed it as a sign of God.

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After spending some time in Rapid City, Reverend Mason answered a desperate telegraph from Deadwood's minister, saying he was being run out of town and his church was nearly destroyed. He begged any nearby ministers to come salvage the church of Deadwood. Reverend Mason answered the call
Official Reverend Mason character introduction from Critical Role

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