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Retort was a firearm created by Anna Ripley based on her eyewitness accounts of Percival de Rolo's gun, The List.[1].


Retort had a single small barrel with four chambers[2] with whitestone inlay and a little pockets across the gun, containing the same material. Underneath the main set of barrels on the front, there is a signature of Ripley carved with whitestone across, emitting a faint magical aura.[3] It is a variation on a scrying enchantment, allowing Ripley to hear what is happening around the gun.


Percival named the gun Retort when he took it from Ripley after Vox Machina freed her from a cell.[4] Ripley used an enchantment on part of the gun to spy on Vox Machina, beating them to two Vestiges as a result.[5][6]


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