Resonant Echo is a dunamancy spell created by Essek Thelyss.[3]

Spell description

As an action, the caster can make a shadowy clone of themselves. They can use the clone to cast one spell. The clone then vanishes after using that spell. It has a limited number of hit points, but greater than thirteen.[4]


  • An ability similar (although not identical) to the spell, known as "Manifest Echo", is a feature of the Echo Knight Fighter subclass, which was included in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. The spell does not appear in the book.



  1. See "A Tangled Web" (2x77) from 2:02:11 through 2:04:54.  Essek teaches Caleb two more dunamancy spells, Resonant Echo and Immovable Object. Level initially inferred from the 300 gp total cost of paper and ink to transcribe the two new spells. Since Immovable Object has now been confirmed as 2nd-level, Resonant Echo must be 4th.
  4. See "With Great Power..." (2x94) from 0:40:22 through 0:50:11.  Caleb's echo took 13 points of bludgeoning damage and was still up, and able to cast Fireball on its turn.


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