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Refined residuum awakened - Michelle McNees

Fan art of refined residuum awakened, by Michelle McNees.[art 2]

Residuum is the residue of arcane energy, manifesting as a green dust obtained from whitestone that is useful in several magical applications.


Although not inherently magical, residuum is particularly receptive to arcane energies and therefore may be used to create objects that retain more powerful enchantments, perhaps for longer periods of time.[2] It is used in the amplification of various forms of arcana.[3] It can also be utilized to replace and act as other expensive materials and components for spells and other uses.[4] Finally, it is one of two substances that can be refined into the drug suude, which can enhance spellcasting.[5]

Raw residuum can be purified by heating into a dark green glass-like state;[1] in this form it is referred to refined residuum and displays stronger magical properties. A table topped with an enchanting slate made of residuum can greatly speed the production of all magic items; these slates are sold for at least 20,000 gp.[6]

When Caduceus placed shards of refined residuum in the forge of the Cinderrest Sanctum, the crystals developed root-like tendrils and their color shifted to purple.[7] They further transformed when dropped into The Menagerie's pool, developing long, thin, crooked, pseudopod-like extensions like a partially germinated seed.[8] Caduceus then gave them to Calliope to return to the Blooming Grove,[9] per his vision from the Wildmother at the Arbor Exemplar,[10] and she later reported she had planted them and they were taking root.[11] Whether these transformations happen generically to residuum glass or were specific to the quest to heal the Blooming Grove is unknown.

While Trent Ikithon was still working at the Cerberus Assembly, he implanted shards of residuum in the arms of Astrid, Eadwulf, and Bren, to see if it could enhance their magical abilities.


During the Calamity, a tremendously violent battle between Pelor and Tharizdun created the valley in which the Parchwood Timberlands stand, raised the Alabaster Sierras, and infused the area with a huge amount of residuum.[1]

As a result, Whitestone is the primary source of residuum, and exports it in small, controlled quantities.[12] Residuum has also accumulated on the bed of Mooren Lake, downstream from the Alabaster Sierras and Parchwood Timberland, in such quantities that some of the most primal inhabitants of those waters have begun to gain sentience.[13]


Between 812 and 836 PD Keyleth and Percival de Rolo used two of the new windmills of Zephrah to refine whitestone into residuum to construct magic items and arm the skydancers.[14]

In 836 PD Yussa Errenis revealed to the Mighty Nein that he had an amplification chamber in his tower, with three brass tripod structures holding residuum crystals pointing inward, that he used to make spells like Locate Object or Scrying even more powerful and far-reaching. Although he allowed Jester Lavorre to use this chamber to locate a missing threshold crest, he also told the adventurers that such chambers were not smiled upon (presumably because its use was somewhat painful for the caster), so he asked them to keep the secret.[15]

In late 842 PD, the Nameless Ones had a warehouse with large quantities of residuum in crates and barrels, half of which were marked as being from Zephrah. Orym recalled that Keyleth had deals with her friends in Whitestone.[16]

Some months later, Bells Hells found residuum powder at Paragon's Call's headquarters, the Seat of Disdain, in a locked and trapped black box marked with the symbol of the Cerberus Assembly.[17] It had been transshipped through Jiana Hexum in Jrusar to Bassuras, where it was to have been moved to a research center in the Panagrip Sands to the east. Orym knew that Keyleth had been working with Vex'ahlia and Percival de Rolo to ensure that residuum didn't fall into the wrong hands, so its presence there was concerning.[18]



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