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For the continent, see Tal'Dorei.

Tal'Dorei is not a name, it is to be proud, it is to have honor, it is to be loyal, and loving, and kind. Tal'Dorei is not a name; it is a people. And you are the people of Tal'Dorei!
Acceptance speech of Sovereign Zan Tal'Dorei to her people

The Republic of Tal'Dorei, also known simply as Tal'Dorei, is a republic in Exandria on the continent of the same name. Formed from the Kingdom of Drassig, it was formerly known as the Tal'Dorei Empire[4][5] and was ruled by a sovereign, the first one being Sovereign Zan Tal'Dorei, alongside a council. The last sovereign, Uriel Tal'Dorei II, chose to step down at the end of 810 PD in favor of rule by the council alone, transforming the empire into a republic.


Bladeshimmer Shoreline

The shoreline stretches along the central western coast of Tal'Dorei, framed by the Dividing Plains to the East, the Cliffkeep Mountains to the North, the Ozmit Sea to the West, and the Verdant Expanse to the South.[6]

Lucidian Coast

Dividing Plains

Alabaster Sierras/Parchwood Timberlands

Cliffkeep Mountains

Othendin Pass

  • Ft Daxio Icon.png Fort Daxio: Key Republic military stronghold located on the western side of the Cliffkeep Mountains, north of Emon and west of Kraghammer.


Official map of Tal'Dorei, by Andy Law.[art 3]

Formation from the Scattered War

Main article: Scattered War

The Scattered War was a series of violent conflicts between the primarily human Kingdom of Drassig and the primarily elven Syngorn. The war began in the late 400s PD following growing tensions between the elves and humans of west-central Tal'Dorei (called Gwessar at the time), and lasted for 32 years, ultimately ending in the founding of the Tal'Dorei Empire.[7]

The Icelost Years

Main article: Icelost Years

Following the long and devastating Scattered War, Tal'Dorei was significantly enfeebled. As the borders between planes weakened during a celestial solstice, the white dragon Skysunder took the opportunity to help Errevon the Rimelord, an elemental behemoth of the Frostfell, pass through the rift and conquer the continent of Tal'Dorei.[8] The Council of Tal'Dorei convinced Syngorn and Kraghammer to join with them in an alliance against Errevon, and together their forces battled him back through the rift, which the Ashari druids sealed shut. The victory was later celebrated annually in Tal'Dorei as the Winter's Crest festival.[9]

First encounters with Thordak

Around 792 or 793 PD, at the southern edges of the Council of Tal'Dorei's influence, the ancient red dragon Thordak the Cinder King began to raid caravans and autonomous villages, which sent requests to Emon for aid and protection. Sovereign Odellan Tal'Dorei rejected the idea of sending a regiment as too costly without confirmation of the threat. Over the next two years, Thordak proceeded to burn the fields of the Mornset Countryside and enslave the Outerfolk of the region.[10]

By 794 or 795 PD, Thordak laid waste to everything around the Gladepools, including Port Udall and Byroden. The Empire sent forces from Fort Daxio, but Thordak thrashed them. Allura Vysoren's adventuring party, with the help of the Arcana Pansophical, eventually managed to seal Thordak in the Elemental Plane of Fire.[11][12]

Vox Machina roots out insidious forces

In late 809 PD, the Winter's Crest festivals in Westruun and Emon were both violently interrupted. In Westruun, a mysterious blue crystal detonated and froze the people of the city, but Vox Machina was spared and they chased down Skysunder, who had been recovering inside the crystal. After slaying the white dragon in the Frostfell, the party returned to find Westruun freed from its wintry stasis.[13][14]

Meanwhile, Emon's festival was soured by a staged assassination attempt that left Sovereign Uriel's family possessed by demonic spirits.[15][16][17]

Shortly thereafter, Vox Machina arrived in Emon, following a lead about the Clasp's involvement in the Westruun crisis. Syldor Vessar, ambassador to Emon and father of two members of the newly arrived adventurers, hired the party to look for Sir Gregory Fince. At Sir Gregory's home, they discovered and defeated several demons. They also found Sir Gregory's tortured corpse and his notes about the attempted assassination of the royal family; the notes repeatedly mentioned someone named General Krieg, a member of the Tal'Dorei Council. In the course of Vox Machina's investigation, they met Allura Vysoren, learned that Sovereign Uriel's family was under demonic possession (with the involvement of the local Clasp leader, Spireling Modeth, whom they killed), discovered Krieg was a disguised blue dragon and secretly slew him, and freed Uriel's family from possession. For rescuing Uriel's family they were feted as heroes of the Empire.[18]

The Chroma Crisis

Main article: Chroma Crisis

At the end of 810 PD, a group of chromatic dragons called the Chroma Conclave attacked Tal'Dorei and other parts of Exandria. Sovereign Uriel and several of his council members were slain in the initial attack. Emon and Westruun were severely damaged by the dragons, then further damaged by looters and opportunists, such as the people stealing from Gilmore's Glorious Goods in Emon and the Herd of Storms that sacked Westruun.

Refugees from Westruun were accepted by Kymal and villages nearby, with many of the remaining refugees forming a small tent city in the Foramere Basin. Whitestone was not attacked in the initial assault, so Vox Machina transported refugees from Emon and Westruun to the relative safety of Whitestone using Keyleth's Transport via Plants spell.

Other cities of the Empire, such as Stilben, were spared the Chroma Conclave's assault. The Empire's neighbors in Kraghammer avoided any attack, and Syngorn's defenses were activated, shifting the elven city into the Feywild.


Tal'Dorei Council

Main article: Tal'Dorei Council

In the aftermath of the defeat of the Chroma Conclave, the Republic of Tal’Dorei is ruled by a standing council. That council is made up of 6 members (7 in wartime) that each have responsibilities over one particular sphere of public life:

  • Master of Development
  • Master of Arcana
  • Master of Law
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Information
  • Master of Defense
  • Master of War

Law enforcement

Emon: the Arms of Emon

Emon Symbol rev.png

In Emon and the immediately surrounding area, law, order and basic security are maintained by a well-trained force known as the Arms of Emon that operates out of Emon's Military District but trains separately from military recruits. They serve as both a garrison manning the walls and outposts and as a law enforcement arm, patrolling the streets and making arrests.[19] A palace guard, whose relationship to the Arms of Emon is not specified, protects Emon's leadership.[20]

Westruun and Turst Fields: the Shields of the Plain

Westron Icon.png

As Westruun is under martial law, a military unit known as the Shields of the Plain serves also as law enforcement, though they are ineffective against the Clasp.[21] While Westruun is a much smaller city than Emon and requires fewer men patrolling it, the Shields of the Plain are also tasked with patrolling much of the central portion of the realm. With an established strength of only 800, they are spread thin and have barely kept the roaming bands of Ravagers at bay. About 150 of these "Shields" are permanently stationed as a detachment in the small town of Turst Fields to enforce the laws and protect it from roaming Ravagers.[22]

Whitestone: the Pale Guard

Within the city of Whitestone, incorporated into the Republic of Tal'Dorei, the Pale Guard keeps the peace.[23]


Fort Daxio: the Daxio Outriders

Fort Daxio.png

The realm's only standing army during peacetime is mobile reserve of regiments known as the Daxio Outriders located at Fort Daxio, north of Emon in the Cliffkeep Mountains, close to the borderlands from which the most common threats to the peace and security of the realm have come.

Whitestone Rifle Corps

Defending the city of Whitestone and its castle falls to the Whitestone Rifle Corps.[23]

Covert organizations

The Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt controls a secret, elite unit trained in espionage, counter-espionage, and limited combat. Based in the Parchwood Timberlands, the Grey Hunt's reach extends across Tal'Dorei.[24]



There are two illegal drugs in Tal'Dorei. Oloore root is a heavy psychedelic originally used by druidic cultures,[25][26] and suude is refined from arcane residuum, causes head rush, and enhances senses/magic.[26][27] Trafficking oloore root is a major source of income for the Clasp.[25][28]


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