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Remorhazes are huge segmented insectoid monstrosities that roam the northern lands of Exandria.


Remorhazes have a huge worm-like body with winglike fins that flare from the back of their head, and wide mouths full of jagged teeth.[1] They have numerous, spiny legs, and appear almost centipede-like.[2] Remorhazes burrow beneath the ice and earth, and the actual blood within their body is heated to such a degree that even to be in a scuffle causes flame and heat damage.[3]


The Ravenite survivors near the ruins of Draconia were helping Vorugal to hunt remorhazes far to the north, but they feared the dragon was growing bored with that quarry.[4]

The Mighty Nein encountered and defeated a remorhaz while traversing the Flotket Alps between Kravaraad and Uthodurn.[5]


Front giants sometimes tame remorhazes and take them on raids.[6]


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