The Remnants, as they call themselves, are a groups of cultists across Exandria that worship Vecna. It was the Remnants that seized a number of Ziggurats and corrupted them as part of a ritual to return Vecna to a physical form and raise him to godhood.

Many members of the Remnants, particularly higher-ranking members, remove their left eye (and some their left hand) as a symbol of their devotion to Vecna.



When Vecna's physical form was destroyed during the Age of Arcanum, his most devoted followers founded the Remnants, a collection of secretive sects dedicated to realizing Vecna's plan to ascend to godhood, despite his death.[1]

Campaign One

With the leadership of Delilah Briarwood, the cult was able to use several Ziggurats to resurrect Vecna. As he prepared to ascend to godhood, however, he was banished and sealed away beyond the Divine Gate by the heroes known as Vox Machina. The Remnants were scattered but sought new ways to restore their god to his promised position of absolute dominance over creation.[1]

Known Members



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