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The Remnants, as they call themselves, are groups of cultists across Exandria that worship Vecna. It was the Remnants that seized a number of ziggurats and corrupted them as part of a ritual to return Vecna to a physical form and raise him to godhood.

Many members of the Remnants, particularly higher-ranking members, remove their left eye (and some their left hand) as a symbol of their devotion to Vecna.



When Vecna's physical form was destroyed during the Age of Arcanum, his most devoted followers founded the Remnants, a collection of secretive sects dedicated to realizing Vecna's plan to ascend to godhood, despite his death.[2]

Campaign One[]

In late 810 PD, Vox Machina's mission to liberate Whitestone from the Briarwoods led to their discovery of a conspiracy by cultists of Vecna. They found evidence that a member of the Tal'Dorei Council, Riskel Daxio, was involved, and they captured and executed him. But for more than a year, Vox Machina and their allies remained puzzled by the siphon that Delilah Briarwood had created in her final moments atop the ancient ziggurat beneath Whitestone.

With the leadership of a resurrected Delilah Briarwood, the cult was able to set up two other siphons and deliver many magical artifacts to power a ritual to resurrect Vecna. The cult gathered at Thar Amphala for the resurrection and continued their work as Vecna ascended to godhood in early 812 PD. The Remnants accompanied Vecna on his march against Vasselheim, but before he could accomplish his "miracle of terror" and fully come into his power, Vox Machina (with the help of several allies) managed to banish Vecna and seal him beyond the Divine Gate.[2]

After Vecna's banishment[]

Following their god's defeat, the Remnants were scattered. As of 836 PD, they were seeking new ways to restore their god to the total dominion he had promised.[2] Moreover, the Remnants are determined to undermine the mortal followings of the deities who aided Vox Machina in banishing Vecna: Sarenrae, Pelor, Ioun, and the Raven Queen.[3]


As of 836 PD, the leadership of the Remnants is called the Circle of the Dismembered, each member of which leads a faction named after a part of Vecna's body and having a specialized function in the mission to re-establish contact with their god:[4]

  • The Insatiable Heart: Recruitment and conversion.
  • The Mordant Voice: Infiltrates and subverts other factions of Tal'Dorei.
  • The Unseen Touch: Uses enchantment to covertly control others.
  • The Unveiled Sight: Seeks arcane lore across the planes.
  • The Devouring Blood: Assassinates quietly and with necromancy.

Known members[]

Blaine Kraverrogg - PryingBlackbird

Fan art of Blaine Kraverrogg, by PryingBlackbird.[art 2]


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