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Yasha and Beau in formalwear - Porzio art

Fan art of Yasha and Beau in formalwear, by @porzio art.[art 1]

Beauregard and Yasha are lovers. Because Yasha is very reserved, and left the party often, their relationship took a while to develop past Beauregard's initial one-sided attraction. However, they have grown much closer, sharing playful moments, watching each other's backs and teaming up in battle. They have a lot of admiration for each other.

Beau has been attracted to Yasha and flirted with her since they met, but backed off out of respect when she learned Yasha was still mourning her wife, Zuala. After much time, as Yasha showed signs of having moved on and being open to a new relationship, the two began flirting openly. Every member of the Mighty Nein appeared aware and supportive of their mutual affection, especially Jester, who talked privately to both of them about their romantic interests and helped push them towards each other. Yasha eventually gave Beauregard a letter to tell her what she admires and loves about her, and the two of them agreed to go on a proper date during which they both confessed their love for each other. After the campaign ended, the two of them remained together.


Yasha carrying Beau - Elaine Tipping

Fan art of Yasha carrying Beau, by Elaine Tipping.[art 2]

Yasha and Beau first met in Trostenwald, when Beau and friends visited the traveling carnival where Yasha worked as security. When Yasha asked Beauregard to hand all of her weapons to gain access to the show, Beau asked if she could keep her "walking stick", referring to her Bo staff. Yasha declined but offered to carry Beau to her seat, which the monk was happy to agree to. Once inside, Beau asked Yasha to hold her through the show. Yasha refused without proper payment but seemed to take the request as a compliment. A few days later, Beau attempted to get a "good look" at Yasha's nude body in the bathhouse in Zadash by delaying her own departure, and was successful.

Beau comforted Yasha when she learned of Molly's death, highlighting their growth as friends. Yasha then left the group again for a while, but when she came back, Beau was still interested in Yasha. Beau and Yasha did form a friendship, outside of Beau's flirtations. After learning about Zuala, Yasha's deceased wife, Beau opened up to Yasha about her ex-girlfriend Tori in an effort to relate through loss of loved ones. She admitted the situations were not at all the same, but offered commiseration over losing a loved one.

While Yasha did find Beau fascinating and attractive, she initially had no interest in any romantic relationships. [1] Given Yasha's past, she was still reluctant to grow emotionally or intimately close to anyone because, as she told Jester, she was afraid to lose them.

Fjord at the Fish Market - ZRoem

Fan art of With Fjord at the Fish Market, by Zoe Roellin.[art 3]

Beau was very distraught over losing Yasha to Obann's mind control, but hid her distress from the rest of the group, for the most part. She admitted to Jester she was more upset than she showed, and that she listened for thunder at night. She was suspicious that perhaps Yasha knew more than she let on going into the King's Cage, but didn't blame her for her actions under Obann's control. In the Chantry of the Dawn, Yasha was forced to stab Beauregard in the chest, nearly killing her. Although she could not control herself, Yasha's eyes were full of tears. Upon being rescued from Obann, Beauregard assured Yasha that she didn't blame her for what happened with Obann, despite almost dying by her hands.

After she was welcomed back into the party, Yasha developed a closer fondness and appreciation for Beau than before, their interactions became more frequent and playful, and at times Yasha responding positively and even returning Beau's advances, including an outing to the Nicodranas fish market where they flirted with each other next to an awkward Fjord.[2] Yasha also stood in defense of Beau against her father Thoreau Lionett and stepped in to confront Isharnai without hesitation after Beau explained her reasoning about the deal she was going to give, which was to abandon her friends forever.

It was later revealed during their first proper date that their time in Kamordah was when Yasha fell in love with Beau.

Beau in Yasha's arms on their first flight - Lap Pun Cheung

Fan art of Beau in Yasha's arms on their first flight, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 4]

After Beau was knocked unconscious by the Death Gaze of the bodak on Rumblecusp, Yasha hurried to heal her,[3] and when Beau asked her to hold and carry her, she agreed and carried Beau for the next stage of their journey.[4] Beau is the only person Yasha's ever allowed to wear her shawl, lending it to her while she rested after the attack,[5] despite saying when they first met that she never takes it off.[6]

Yasha had a dream where Zuala, trapped beneath the surface, called out, "Don't let me be the shackle that holds you down. I am proud of you." Yasha then spread her wings and flew away into the sky, feeling relief. Later, After escaping from Vokodo's lair, Yasha used her Necrotic Shroud ability to try to catch Beau, who was falling off a cliffside. To everyone's surprise, her wings were no longer ghastly but covered in glowing white feathers. Yasha flew up and caught Beau midair, then flew to a nearby rocky platform to set Beau down. Yasha was confused, yet happy, and Beauregard, flustered, thanked Yasha for taking her along on her first flight.

Beauregard: There was something about Yasha from the moment that I saw her... that I think I've been avoiding. I don't know.
Fjord: Something of more sustenance that's not as... fleeting?
Beauregard: Yeah. Yeah.
Beauregard Lionett and Fjord on Beau's real feelings toward Yasha Nydoorin[7]

Beau later confided in Fjord that her feelings for Yasha ran much deeper than even she wanted to admit, and that from the moment they first met, Beau had fallen for her. Despite wanting to not address them out of respect for Zuala, she realized that maybe Yasha's own feelings towards her were mutual, and that she wanted something far more meaningful and not as "fleeting".[8] She also confided in Jester that she didn't want to make the first move because of Zuala, and therefore had "left the ball in her court".[9]

Beauyasha holding hands

Fan art of Beau and Yasha holding hands at Molly's grave, by @ellieesaurus.[art 5]

Beau later invited Yasha to join her and Caleb in doing research at the Valley Archive in Zadash, and she offered her own contributions to Beau's theories about how Vess DeRogna could be connected to the Eyes of Nine and the Tombtakers. When the Nein went to Molly's grave to find out if his body was still there, Beau reached out for Yasha's hand, who gripped it tightly in return, as the two watched the others dig. That night, Jester asked Yasha about how she felt towards Beau, and she admitted that she had developed feelings for her. Jester suggested that the two share one of the beds in the room that the three were staying in, but Yasha insisted in sleeping on the floor so as to not make things awkward between them. Jester then helped Yasha write a poem to give to Beau. [10]

Oh, Beau, Beau, Beau,
Eyes so blue and hair so shorn on the sides,
Abs so many, but frame so small.
How I wish to envelop you with my wings!
Yasha and Jester's poem for Beau[11]

Beau checked in on Yasha the day they planned to venture out into the fields of Eiselcross proper. She had noticed a brief yet unpleasant reaction to Trent Ikithon's telepathic speaking during a dinner the Mighty Nein attended a few days earlier, which gave her concern due to Yasha's past enslavement by Obann. Yasha, in turn, confided that she still felt horrible about the battle in the Chantry of the Dawn, unsure as to what she would've done if Beau died by her hands. Unlike past times where she was quick to deflect or downplay, Beau assured Yasha by saying "I knew it wasn't you. But, yeah I can imagine. It actually sounds so much worse when you still have your own thoughts mixed with someone else's like-- probably be easier to just be lost." Yasha then later gave Beau the poem she and Jester worked on.

Beau's poem - Erin A Gray

Fan art of Beau's letter from Yasha, by Erin A Gray.[art 6]

On their second night of the trip to their destination, Beau took a bath in her Nein-Sided Tower chambers and had a look at what Yasha gave her, only to discover it was once a poem but then became a letter, detailing what she's seen in Beau and what she admires and loves about her, and saying she feels safe knowing Beau's watching her back. Beau was left a stunned and crying mess upon reading it, dipping herself beneath the water, reading the letter repeatedly before she went to sleep.

Upon being "invited" by the tiefling with Molly's body, Beau cited past experiences to compare their current situation, the King's Cage in particular and how they lost Yasha to Obann, and that she clearly wanted to avoid a repeat of those horrible circumstances from back then.

"Well, from my experience, which is not a lot, I've found that the passion and the love for somebody is stronger the more you know them and the more you love them. And I've read books, but I don't feel like it's ever really like that. It's-- It's better."
Yasha to Jester talking about what love means to her[12]

A few days later, while deep inside one of the ruins in Eiselcross, Beauregard stopped Yasha while the rest of the group walked ahead. She told Yasha that she made her nervous, in a good way, and that she had read her letter. Yasha seemed to briefly panic, admitting she thought the letter had been too much since Beau took a while to bring it up, but Beau reassured her, saying she had been waiting for a good time. Beau then asked Yasha if she wanted to go on a date with her, and Yasha, flustered, answered "Yes, of course". Beau explained that she wanted to do things "the right way" and maybe start from the beginning with their relationship, thinking that they might need a "second beginning" after everything that had happened (referring to the incident in the Cathedral in particular). Yasha wholeheartedly agreed, happy and excited, and told Beau that she liked her. Beau responded that she liked Yasha a lot, too. They planned to go on their date the next evening, and to ask Caleb if he could change the tower for them. They both agreed that they would take it easy, and that if one of them didn't feel like pursuing the relationship after their date, there would be no hard feelings.[13]

Beauyashalava lappuncheung

Fan art of Beau and Yasha by the lava, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 7]

The next day, Lucien and the Tombtakers showed up suddenly before the party completed a long rest, and began travelling with the group. Since Caleb had not regained his spell slots he was unable to cast his tower that night. Beauregard took Yasha aside as the two groups set up camp by the river of lava, and they agreed to postpone their date until a better moment came up, once they where done with the Tombtakers, although they were both disappointed to have to wait.[14]

Later that night, Yasha took second watch with Jester. Jester asked if anything had happened between the two girls, as she had noticed them talking to each other often, and Yasha shared that Beau asked her on a date. When Jester asked about the poem, Yasha said it felt like she wasn't ready to give it to her yet, and instead wrote her a note. She quickly changed the subject, and asked Jester about Fjord instead.[15] During the following watch, Fjord told Beauregard about his recent kiss with Jester, and Beau told him she had asked Yasha out. She mentionned that her past experiences in dating where very chaotic, contrasting the kind of relationship she was trying to develop with Yasha.[16]

During the Mighty Nein's second encounter with Gelidon, Beauregard climbed on top of the dragon to inflict damage. After the dragon took flight, Yasha tried to chuck her Skingorger at it, but missed and nearly hit Beau with the cleaver. After evading the attack, Beauregard looked down at Yasha and asked if she still wanted to go on a date with her. Yasha, embarassed, responded that she did.[17] Yasha later swooped down as a polymorphed owl to save Beau from Lucien and the Tombtakers.

While the Mighty Nein were in Rexxentrum to prepare for their next encounter with the Tombtakers, Yasha purchased an item to try and hide how important Beau was to her to their enemies, to protect her in case of another divination situation.[18] Meanwhile, Veth helped Beauregard pick out a bowtie and flower for the upcoming date. Caleb agreed to make modifications to his tower at Beau's request, and surprised the two women by pushing them inside to have their date that same night. They were both taken by surprise but agreed to make the most of it, as they didn't know what could happen to them in the coming days.[19]

Dragonpyre - Beau and Yasha on their date

Fan art of Beau and Yasha on their date, by Dragonpyre.[art 8]

The two sentinels' date they longed to have for days was finally underway, as they dove in with no expectations and virtually no planning ahead due to how sudden it popped up. The date that Beau had set up, and whom she had given Caleb explicit instructions for in regards to the tower set-up, started with a recreation of The Nestled Nook Inn, the tavern in Trostenwald where they first met. During their date, Beau and Yasha opened their hearts and confided in each other about recent traumas and revelations that they had gone through, as well as how they still felt guilty for hurting each other in the past. Eventually, the conversation drifted into Yasha talking about when she first met Mollymauk, and reminiscing about her first meeting with him.

Yasha then admitted that she fell in love with Beau all the way back in Kamordah, and she voiced how proud she was of Beau in that she was able to thrive and grow entirely on her own.[20] The two of them finally had their first kiss, which was promptly interrupted by a squad of ninja dogs, another of Beau's requests to Caleb.[21] After disposing of them, the last stop they visited before retiring for the evening was a recreation of the Steam's Respite.

Beau: "Hey... I love you, too."
Yasha: "That is the best thing I've ever heard."
Beauregard Lionett confessing her love to Yasha Nydoorin[22]
Beauyasha Snuggling in the Grove

Fan art of Beau and Yasha resting in the Blooming Grove temple, by @bernysprout.[art 9]

The newly christened lovers eventually retired to Beau's room for the night. On the way there, Beauregard noticed that the stained-glass window representing the Mighty Nein had a minor alteration to it: Yasha and Beau's hands were now intertwined.[23]

Since their date, the two of them began casually acting like a couple in front of the rest of the group, including public displays of affection such as hugging and flirting and kissing, sometimes even in the midst of battle much to the chagrin of their enemies and occasionally their allies. After Yasha went through a mental trial to earn the ability to wield the Holy Avenger, she returned victorious to the Clay family's home and watched Beau sleep in silence. Beauregard was woken up by her arrival, and made sure Yasha was okay before asking if she could hold her.[24] The two also started calling each other pet names like "babe" and "baby", and Beauregard referred to Yasha as her girlfriend.[25] The two of them often checked on each other during fights, like during the fight against the Neo-Somnovem, when the two often kissed and reassured each other.[26]

After the Mighty Nein had defeated Trent Ikithon and began to go their separate ways, Yasha stayed by Beau's side during the trial against her father and archivist Zeenoth.[27] Afterwards, Beau went with Yasha to Xhorxas, supporting her has she faced her old tribe and traveled to Zuala's burial site. Once Yasha formally introduced Beau to Zuala, who thanked her for everything she had sacrificed in order to keep Yasha alive.[28]

Afterwards, the two of them settled in Rexxentrum where Beau focused on her work with the Cobalt Soul, and Yasha settled into a quiet life at home. The two of them would eventually adopt a child or two together.[29]



Yeah, this was a poem, but then I realized that it was a dumb poem, and I can't write poetry. Sometimes I have an easier time when I put the pen to parchment, so here it goes.

I've watched you. I don't mean that in a creepy way. I mean, I am a little bit of a creep, but I know you know this by now. It takes me a minute to open up. So I watch, I observe. I take it all in, as opposed to letting it all out. I guess the only time I let it all out is when I fight, which I'm not sure is the healthiest thing in the world.

But here's some things I've noticed about you. You're strong. You're a leader. You're really smart. You're really funny. You're honest, even if it hurts. But the thing that really gets me about you is that you love so fiercely. And I know you feel like an asshole most days, but I kind of like you are an asshole. You stick up for the people you love, and you make me feel stronger. I can hold my own. I know you know that, but you make me feel safe. I don't even know if that makes sense, but I know no matter what, you'll have my back, no questions asked.

Yasha's love letter to Beau[30]
  • During "Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap Up" (Sx56), Marisha explained that although Beauregard had been attracted to Yasha from the first time she met her, she didn't realize she had fallen in love right away. It began once she learned that Yasha was collecting flowers to bring to Zuala. After Yasha was taken by Obann, Beau initially lashed out and told the others that Yasha may have been bad along, because she felt deeply hurt - which she later realized was because she cared about her so much.[31]
    • Something similar happened to Yasha, who realized she loved Beau after wondering why she felt so protective of her when she faced her father in Kamordah.[32]
  • In Beau's second official playlist, Marisha referred to Yasha as a "crush forged in battle".[33]
  • Beauregard and Yasha are both lesbians.
  • During battles, Beau will often yell to get Yasha's attention and ask her if she's watching, especially while she does something cool or dangerous.
  • This relationship was featured as a clue for the USA Today crossword puzzle for April 26, 2021, "What A Set Of Pipes!".[34]


Beau and Yasha by Khalliys

Fan art of Beau and Yasha, by Khalliys.[art 10]

  • Beauregard: "Hey. I just want you to know, just before we continue this, whatever this night is, that I have no expectations, and at the end of all of this, if it just-- You have the reassurance of knowing that I'm somebody that you can come and talk to, if you need to and that's-- That's enough for me."
    Yasha: "Thank you for saying that. I feel the same way. But at the same time, I - Things really changed for me when we went to Kamordah. And I saw you with your family. And I got a glimpse into how your world was when you were growing up. And I fell in love with you in Kamordah. I just - that just came out so fast. And I didn't know that was going to come out right then. I say that. I don't have expectations either. But I really care about you, and I just hope, if anything, that you know I'm so proud of the person that you've become. Just seeing where you started and where you are now, you have completely done that on your own. And I just, I'm - You blow me away."[35]
  • Beauregard (as the their first kiss was interrupted): "Sorry babe, gotta handle these ninjas."[36]
  • Yasha (before Thoreau and Zeenoth's trial): "I go where you go, baby."
    Beauregard: "Thank you. I love you."
    Yasha: "I love you."[37]

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

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