Veth and Yasha have had a complicated relationship throughout the course of their time together.

Initially, Yasha intimidated Veth with her size and appearance. Veth attempted to get on Yasha's good side by gifting her flowers, to which Yasha was appreciative. Later, the two of them bonded over their love of collecting- Veth with buttons and trinkets, Yasha with flowers.

Veth was physically affectionate with Yasha, running up to hug her when she returned after Mollymauk's death, and later cuddling up to Yasha as they slept, though this seemingly made Yasha uncomfortable.

Veth respects and admires Yasha's physical strength, and when she was trying to cut out drinking, she entrusted her flask to Yasha, giving Yasha permission to keep it from her.

After Yasha's betrayal of the party due to Obann, Veth was outwardly very suspicious of Yasha, even after the mind control spell was dropped. Veth's constant accusations of being evil caused their relationship to become tense. This suspicion seems to have been alleviated post Veth's ritual to get her body back, as Veth stated, "Yasha, I'm like 60% sure you're not evil now."

Other Intraparty Relationships

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