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Fan art of Vex'ahlia and Trinket, by Hugo Cardenas.[art 1]

Vex'ahlia and Trinket are close companions, having traveled together since Trinket was a cub.

Some time after they left their father in Syngorn, Vex and her twin brother Vax'ildan stopped to set up camp one night. Vax set off to a nearby town to pawn off some items they had "procured". Vex, who stayed behind to keep watch, was approached by two hunters who asked if she’d share her fire. As they kept Vex company, they suddenly attacked her once her guard was down, noting from the twins' noble clothes that they came from money despite Vex's claim that they had no claim to it. They blindfolded her, drugged her, and carried her away.

When Vex awoke, she found herself inside a small cage within their camp. She quickly realized that she had been captured by poachers, due to the myriad of "trophies" (both human and beast) around the campsite. When they returned, the poachers debated what to do with the young half-elf, talking about options ranging from selling her to slavery to even harvesting her. In the center of camp, Vex saw a massive brown bear with a large, gory wound in its belly.

When the poachers let their guard down, Vex sprung out of her cage, took the man's dagger, and killed them both. They were the first lives Vex had ever taken. She inspected the bear but found that it was beyond saving. Upon putting it out of its misery, she spotted the bear's young cub, tied up just out of reach. Feeling guilt for killing his mother, Vex took him with her back to camp. She never told Vax—who was very concerned as to where she went—about what happened and why she had a bear cub with her, other than to say, "You’re always finding little trinkets to take with you. Well, I wanted one of my own." Vex and Trinket have been inseparable since.[1]


Fan art of Trinket protecting Vex'ahlia and Keyleth from a Feywild bear spirit, from "Heredity and Hats" (1x60), by J.T. Arndt.[art 2]

Vex is as protective of Trinket as a mother bear to her cub, often doing her best to keep him out of fights and becoming incredibly upset when the bear is injured or knocked unconscious.[2] In return, Trinket is also very protective of Vex, at one point telling Zahra Hydris (through the spell Speak with Animals) that "[he would] do whatever it takes to protect [his] Vex".[3]

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

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