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Vex'ahlia and Taryon are close friends, despite a rocky start. Their friendship developed slowly, but they spent much of Vox Machina's year off together along with Percy in Whitestone. Tary gave a speech for Vex at her wedding.


Vex'ahlia instantly disliked Tary upon meeting him, to the point that the rest of Vox Machina hid;[1] Tary referred to her as "Little Elf Girl," did not know about Vox Machina, and indicated she did not understand the challenges of having a pet.[2] She was also concerned about the repeated deaths of Tary's past parties, but was willing to put up with him for a fee and argued in favor of allowing him to join the party for the money.[3]

Vex shut down the party's hazing of Tary by having Trinket interrupt,[4] and quickly, along with much of the rest of the party, began to like him upon learning his life was not as easy as it had first appeared.[5] Later, upon learning more about Tary's difficult relationship with his father, she told him that he could stay with Vox Machina instead of returning home.[6]

The two spent a lot of time together in Whitestone during the time-skip, working on the Slayer's Cake along with Pike and Keyleth,[7] and Tary lived in Vex's house during that time.[8]

Tary stood with Vex at her wedding to Percy and gave a speech in her honor.[9]


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