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Scanlan thought Tiberius was a bore, often interrupting him when he was trying to explain something. Tiberius tended to abuse Scanlan with magic when he didn't want to be interrupted.

When Tiberius explained what the intellect devourer did to Grog, Scanlan sarcastically thanked Tiberius for his explanation.[1] When Tiberius butted in on Scanlan's aside with Pike, Scanlan interrupted Tiberius's interruption, sighed and rolled his eyes, and ended the conversation quickly.[2]

During Tiberius's explanation of his magic water bottle, he squirted Scanlan in the face.[3] At another time, he Silenced Scanlan during an argument they were having.[4]

Their relationship wasn't entirely antagonistic, as Tiberius was willing to give Scanlan magic items that he thought would be useful to him, like the Wand of Magic Missiles[5] and the Ioun Stone.[6] On Scanlan's end, he was very happy to see Tiberius when they returned from Whitestone after having defeated the Briarwoods.[7]

When Tiberius's frozen corpse was discovered and subsequently buried in Draconia, despite their history, Scanlan still thought of Tiberius as his dear friend, promising his deceased comrade that they would return and fix things.[8] This promise was fulfilled with the slaying of his killer, Vorugal.[9]

After Vorugal's death, Scanlan told the ravenites to give Tiberius a proper burial where the white dragon had made its throne, and also to create a magnificent statue of the dragonborn as his tombstone. He requested that they engrave it with the phrase, "I encourage peace."[10]


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