Although Scanlan and Percy didn't interact much, for the most part, the two had an amicable relationship.

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Fan art of Scanlan and Percy, by chipchopclipclop.[art 1]

Scanlan, like the rest of Vox Machina, assisted Percy in the liberation of Whitestone from the Briarwoods. After killing the Briarwoods and expelling Orthax from Percy's body, Scanlan was concerned about Orthax still being tied to Percy somehow. It was ultimately Scanlan who realized Orthax was holding on through Percy's pepperbox. He then proceeded to cast Friends on Percy, compelling him to throw the gun into the acid pits beneath Whitestone. This freed Percy's soul from the connection to Orthax, however, the gunslinger was still upset because of how expensive making and enchanting the pepperbox was.[1]

Following the attack of the Conclave, Scanlan and Percy were the two who advocated for the plan of stealing an airship. The two were outvoted, but they nonetheless shared a bonding moment over their mutual desire for an airship.

After Percy lost his memory of the Feywild, including giving Vex her title, Scanlan stepped in and modified his memory. However, instead of faking Percy's actual memories, Scanlan constructed a fake scenario in which Percy was intimately surrounded by nymphs and Vex stumbled upon them, followed by Percy titling Vex to keep her quiet.[2] Pike eventually was able to recover Percy's actual memory, but the gunslinger also retained Scanlan's fake memories. Percy good-naturedly hugged Scanlan and threatened him that he knew where he slept and that he had people that worked for him.[3]

Percy's killing you right now. Not us. (he drops the sphere and Vox Machina all attacks)
Scanlan's last words to Ripley[4]

When Percy was killed during the group fight with Ripley on Glintshore, Scanlan dropped his funnyman persona and all semblance of humor, showing how angry and upset he was at the murder of one of his friends. Scanlan then proceeded to trap Ripley in a sphere and hold her there, calling for the group to gather around her. He told Ripley that it was Percy killing her through them before dropping the sphere. He then proceeded to carve the de Rolo crest onto her forehead with Mythcarver as his part in killing her.[5]

Following the bard's second death at the claws of Raishan and his successful resurrection ritual, he slipped into an almost comatose state due to exhaustion. Percy, with the assistance of Pike and Kerrek, played a prank on Scanlan while he was asleep, putting him in one of Pike's nightgowns, tying him to the bed, and slathering him in pudding.[6] When Scanlan awoke and became angry because of the prank and the revelation that his friends brought Kaylie to help, showing her that he broke his promise to stay alive, Percy immediately decided to spare Pike and Kerrek the blame and took it all instead. Scanlan's anger continued to flare throughout the conversation, turning on each member of the group and even alleging that they only went to save Whitestone so Percy could feel good about his name.[7] Eventually, Percy became upset and his pent up stress and anger overflowed, yelling at Scanlan and telling him how much he meant to the group despite sometimes being a bit of a prick. Percy became the first party member to walk out of the conversation.[8] Shortly after, Scanlan told the remaining members of the group that he still loved all of them, "even Percy", before leaving with Kaylie.[9]

Percy stood around the corner a few hallways down composing himself after his outburst, later telling Grog that he almost considered getting the guards to grab Scanlan and keep him from leaving but decided against it. He then spent the night by himself trying to work to distract himself, although he implied he wasn't very productive.

Following Vox Machina's disastrous encounter with a Kraken, their journey through hell, and Percy scrying on Scanlan to find him living happily with his daughter, Percy has developed a strong resentment towards Scanlan. Although he admits that he doesn't wish any harm upon the gnome, Percy feels betrayed by Scanlan abandoning the group when they still needed him, even going so far as wanting to take Scanlan's earring and gate stone back. It was only Vex's intervention and advice that held Percy back from going through with these desires, although he still ordered a spy to watch Scanlan from a distance, should anything happen.

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