Fan art of Yasha at Molly's grave, by Genel Jumalon.[art 1]

Mollymauk and Yasha were close friends. The two of them travelled together with The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities and were close enough to give each other physical signs of affection, like a kiss on the forehead or a slap on the butt, and share their story with each other. Yasha has described Molly as a kindred spirit, who made a big change in her life. Molly and Yasha had a lot in common when it came to their past, the two of them missing memories of large chunks of time, and were both trying to distance themselves from who they were before. Mollymauk's death was especially hard on Yasha.


After Yasha's mind was set free from Obann, Molly was the first person she saw. She has described this encounter with wonder, saying he was beautiful, a bright spot of color in the black and white of Xhorxhas.[1] Molly then brought Yasha to meet the members of the Carnival of Curiosities, and she immediately felt at home among them. Molly and Yasha's first meeting happened a few months before they met the rest of the Mighty Nein.

Yasha she knew about as much as Molly did when it came to his past.[2] Molly once gifted Yasha with a book on manners and a four-leaf clover. She continues to add flowers to the book and treasures it to this day.

When asked whether or not Yasha would be coming along with the party, Molly immediately accepted, referring to her as "the Charm." They were very close; when Molly kissed her forehead after he saw her in the bathhouse in Zadash. Yasha seemed used to it and did not react. [3] In "Waste and Webs" (2x10), after Mollymauk finished the spider, Yasha came up to him and slapped his butt.

When Yasha was kidnapped by the Iron Shepherds along with Fjord and Jester, the Mighty Nein attempted to rescue them on the road. However, they were quickly overpowered, and Mollymauk was killed by their leader, Lorenzo.

Fan art of Yasha's reaction to Molly's death, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

After waking up from her capture by the Iron Shepherds at Molly's grave, Yasha asked what happened. Caleb and Nott told her Molly tried very hard to get back to her. She walked towards the grave, ignoring the others, knelt in front of it, and said "It happened again." Beauregard and Jester put their hands on Yasha's shoulders to offer comfort, but Yasha stood and let out a tortured scream, her black, skeletal wings emerging from her shoulders. Off in the far east, blue lightning flashed, and Yasha began to walk towards the storm. She told the group she would find them when she is ready.[4] It wasn't until the group travelled to the Menagerie Coast that they saw Yasha again.

Yasha didn't speak much about Mollymauk after that. Months later, after the party killed Vokodo and shared a vision of his flight from the Astral Plane, Yasha wondered if there was a connection between the nine eye tattoos Molly bore and the floating city seen in the Astral Sea.[5] The group later travelled to Molly's gravesite, and Yasha stood by as the others began to dig, squeezing Beau's hand. The grave turned out empty, and Jester attempted to Scry on Molly. When Jester told the rest of the group that Molly, or at least his body, was very much alive, Yasha seemed hopeful. The group was hesitant to celebrate, however, as they knew it was possible that Molly's old, unknown personality had returned instead. On their way to Eiselcross, Yasha wished that she could have her friend back.

You gave me this four leaf clover one time. And you told me that hopefully that would bring me luck, and that life would be a little bit better, so-- and it was, thanks to you. So I know you're not in there anymore, but we really did care about you. But, we'll be following behind you, be safe.
Yasha tries to talk to Mollymauk through Lucien[6]

Fan art of Yasha and Lucien, by Toby Sharp.[art 3]

When the Mighty Nein finally caught up to him, the tiefling revealed that he was not, in fact, Mollymauk; his name was Lucien, and he did not remember them. Before he parted ways with them, Yasha stopped him, and handed him the four-leaf clover that Molly had given her once. Lucien took it and thanked her before leaving with the Tombtakers.[7]

After a long and tumultuous battle between Lucien and the Mighty Nein in the Astral Sea, Jester was able to finish him off with a Guiding Bolt. Yasha then participated in a ritual to bring Molly back to life, which unfortunately failed. As she sat there, tearfully asking if there was anything else they could do, Caduceus cast Divine Intervention and was able to reunite the two friends once again.


  • When Mollymauk died, Yasha was in one of the carts right next to him, but was unconscious.

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