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Veth and Mollymauk were colleagues and friends in the Mighty Nein. They frequently mistrusted each other at first, but grew to respect each other, even if they did not always see eye to eye.


Veth, along with Caleb, was initially wary of most of the Mighty Nein, but joined with them because it would make it easier for them to hide among such a colorful group.[1] Molly, meanwhile, was somewhat suspicious of Veth after she admitting to regular thievery.[2] However, Veth was concerned when Molly went unconscious in the Mighty Nein's first combat,[3] and they slowly grew to become allies.

In Zadash, after the party had been traveling together for a few days, Molly told Veth that he didn't mind her stealing in the abstract, provided she didn't steal from him and only targeted grumpy people who had money to spare.[4] Indeed, he encouraged her theft against those people.[5] However, not long after, Veth attempted to steal Fjord's letter of recommendation to the Soltryce Academy, and Molly noticed, tricked her with a blank piece of paper, warned her off, and then told Fjord.[6] When she attempted it again not long after, he and Fjord apprehended her, and Molly magically charmed her using Devil's Tongue to get her to tell him the truth.[7] Veth did not enjoy this,[8] and reiterated her own mistrust of Molly to others in the party later that day.[9]

All of this came to a head after the raid on High Richter Prucine's house, and several members of the Mighty Nein confronted Veth, with Molly and Beau most upset with her and Caleb's ctions during the heist. Molly insisted that Veth not steal from anyone in the Mighty Nein, and that she and Caleb cooperate with the group.[10]

The next night, after Molly had been recognized by Cree Deeproots at the Evening Nip, Veth asked him, while he was under the effects of the Zone of Truth spell, about his past and was very curious about whether he wanted to know his own history.[11] She seemed surprised that he had no interest.[12] She also wished to know why she should trust him, knowing he had frequently lied, and he argued that he had never stolen from or betrayed anyone in the group.[13] They ended the conversation on a mutual respectful disagreement.[14]

Molly and Veth do not have many individual conversations during the party's journey towards Shady Creek Run until after Fjord, Jester, and Yasha are kidnapped. Molly and Veth are both very suspicous of Keg,[15] and stick together as they travel towards Shady Creek.

After Molly's death, while Veth finds it hard to give any speeches at the impromptu funeral,[16], she also refuses any of his possessions when Beau goes through them, saying that he told her only to steal from grumpy people and that she couldn't take anything from him.[17] She later tells Caleb that she admired Molly's outlook on life and had learned from him.[18]

Other Intraparty Relationships =[]

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