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Yasha and Jester have a growing camaraderie. Jester took a liking to Yasha who responded similarly over time. They don't interact as often as others in the Mighty Nein do, but the two have been shown to be there for each other.


When they first met, Yasha took Jester's weapons and promised they would be returned. Jester made Yasha "pinky swear" and claimed that this made them "best friends".[1] Yasha also commented to Mollymauk that "Jester's adorable" and that she liked her.[2]

After Yasha battled a lightning creature at sea, Jester and Caduceus comforted her, and they became the first in the Nein to learn about Zuala.[3]

In Rosohna, upon receiving The Xhorhaus, Jester painted a field of wildflowers on Yasha's bedroom wall.[4]

Jester made it of utmost importance to comfort Yasha, telling her that the Nein was her new family. She promised that they would protect her if anything went wrong.[5] After Yasha was turned by Obann, Jester was most visibly affected. She began sobbing and shouted Yasha's name as she watched the doors close between them.[6] Jester confidently declared multiple times that Yasha hadn't betrayed them, but was instead being controlled by Obann. After Yasha broke free of his influence, Jester welcomed her with open arms back into the group.

When Robert Sharpe made Yasha uncomfortable, Jester came out from behind Fjord and defended her. She successfully cast Charm Person on Sharpe and, with Veth's help, locked him out on a balcony. Along with Caduceus, she then reassured Yasha that she looked gorgeous in her party outfit and there was no excuse for Sharpe's actions.[7]

Oh, Beau, Beau, Beau,
Eyes so blue and hair so shorn on the sides,
Abs so many, but frame so small.
How I wish to envelop you with my wings!
Yasha and Jester's poem for Beau[8]

When Jester and Yasha shared an inn room with two beds, Jester suggested maybe Yasha and Beau would like to share one. Embarassed, Yasha admitted Beau made her "nervous". Jester shared that Beau liked Yasha, and helped her compose a poem for Yasha to share with Beau.[9]

On watch one night, both Yasha and Jester spoke to each other about their growing relationships. Jester was thrilled that Beau had asked Yasha out on a date, and Yasha was curious about the kiss Jester and Fjord had shared.[10]


  • The duo of Yasha and Jester have been referred to as the muscle sisters (by Caleb)[11] and the smash sisters (by Fjord)[12] because they have the highest Strength scores of the party, 18 and 16 respectively.

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