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Jester & Nott as Detectives by Nikki Dawes

Fan art of Jester and Nott as detectives, by Nikki Dawes.[art 1]

Jester and Veth are very close friends. They share a similar knack for getting into trouble and get along very well, often helping each other out or teaming up to go on crazy misadventures. Veth's small size and aptitude for trickery proved to be a great complement to Jester's love of pranks and whimsical behavior. The two have also shared more serious emotional moments, sharing advice and looking out for each other. They form a self-proclaimed detective duo.


Initially, Veth and Jester were drawn towards each other. Jester and Nott quickly took a liking to each other. Jester offered to help Nott steal things[1], and encouraged Nott to try to pickpocket her[2]. Later, they teamed up while investigating the carnival. Jester and Nott decided they were amazing investigators and should form a "detective agency". The two of them have "investigated" together several times since, with mixed results.[3][4][5]

Jester gave Nott the Blessing of the Trickster on multiple occasions.[6][7]

When Nott was trying to reunite Astrid and Caleb, she turned to Jester for help. The two of them composed a letter from a fake law firm (Nott & Brave) claiming they were looking for Astrid because she had inherited money. Nott asked Jester not to tell Caleb because he might get upset but told Jester that this might help Caleb remember happier times. Jester agreed not to tell Caleb and kept her promise.[8]

Together we were a dynamic duo of mystery solving. We could solve any mystery, find any criminal mastermind, no matter how nefarious. We had all the tools, all the insights, all the instincts. It was amazing.
Nott tells Keg about Jester.[9]

The two have worked together on multiple acts of trickery and creating chaos[10], notably almost getting arrested in Zadash for vandalizing the temple of The Platinum Dragon.[11]. They also worked together to break into Avantika's quarters on the Squalleater[12].

Nott promised never to steal from Jester's mother[13] and has kept that promise ever since.

Jester told Nott in confidence that Fjord was her first kiss, and asked for her advice. Nott also told Jester about her own first kiss, and they both kept the other's story secret.[14] Nott awkwardly and obviously tried to set up situations for Fjord and Jester to be alone together since finding out Jester had a crush on him.[15][16]

After finding out about Nott's past and setting out to rescue her husband Yeza, Jester began to check up on him regularly through Sending, reminding the halfling that his wife loved him very much.[17] She also messaged Bryce and Shakaste, ensuring that Nott's son would be moved to a safe location while they were in Xhorhas. When it was finally time for Nott to reunite with Yeza, she was very nervous of letting him see her as a goblin, and Jester offered to talk to him first. She greeted Yeza and warned him that even though his wife was now different, she was still the same person.[18]

Jester was the first person to be proactive in helping Nott with her alcoholism. When Nott regressed into her drinking after reuniting with Yeza, Jester stole her flask and hid it. After a long talk, Jester returned the flask, though she asked Nott to work on her drinking, to which Nott agreed.[19][20]

During the party's second adventure in the Happy Fun Ball, Nott was killed by a Power Word Kill when she triggered a trap while trying to lockpick a box. Jester brought her back to life shortly after, and gently scolded her for not being more careful.[21]

After the initial attempt to transform Nott back into a halfling failed, the Mighty Nein seeked out Isharnai, the hag who had cursed her. Jester managed to trick the hag, breaking Nott's curse for good.[22] She later offered her mother's expensive bathtub for the second attempt at her transformation. Before Nott left her goblin body, she thanked her friends, and told Jester that she hoped they'd have many more adventures together. Jester answered "Me too" and kissed her on the nose.[23]

Due to Veth's chaotic nature, Jester invited her to join the cult of The Traveler. Veth accepted, and was dubbed the second high priestess of The Traveler during Traveler Con,[24] although she hasn't shown any actual devotion to the god.

Veth was the last person to find out about Jester and Fjord's romantic relationship, when Fjord kissed Jester after the battle against Gelidon. She was shocked to see them together, and Jester playfully pretended that this had been their very first kiss. Despite her shock, Veth was very supportive, asking Jester to confirm that she was still attracted to Fjord, and encouraging her to find out if they were "steadies".[25]

During their brief stop in the plane of fire, Jester and Veth talked about their future, and agreed that they should start a real detective agency together.[26] While the group rested in the Evening Nip the day after, Jester offered to watch Luc so Veth and Yeza could have some private time together.[27]


  • Jester and Veth's detective bit inspired a t-shirt sold on the Critical Role Shop. The shirt says "Nott The Best Detective Agency" in fancy golden script, with more text in a tiny font reading "technically, there's no comma, technically".

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