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Mollymauk Tealeaf and Jester Lavorre first met in Trostenwald when Molly read Jester's fortune with his custom-made tarot decks for two copper pieces.[1] He gained a great deal of insight on her, noting her excitability. The first card was a Silver Dragon, which denotes a person of purity and virtue, the second card was an anvil, which is a "destiny forged", and something "bright and adventurous in their future." The last card was the Serpent card, which amazed Jester. Jester also told him that she was looking for her dad, and Molly pulled the Eye card, telling her she had already found a clue.

Their relationship progressed over their time in the Mighty Nein, and they grew closer in Zadash. Jester and Molly got along well during his time with the Mighty Nein. When dramatizing her Hellish Rebuke in Infernal, Jester chose phrases to make Molly laugh; without Molly there, she generally just screamed. Jester grabbed his horns at one point, and he said he was fine with it.[2]

When the Mighty Nein tried to find where Jester, Fjord and Yasha Nydoorin went after they were kidnapped, Molly shouted "The Traveler's bullshit!", and remarked that if she didn't respond something was wrong.[3]

After the group reconvened, Jester was the first to ask what happened to Molly. She assumed he simply wasn't around at first, as though she couldn't believe he was dead. She and Fjord had heard the fight outside, and she carried the guilt of not being able to save him.

When Beau questioned the validity of tarot card readers, Jester defended them citing Molly, remarking that he was "super smart" and "basically a god", to the chagrin of Beau.[4] Beau gave Jester Molly's tarot deck, and Jester declared that she was going to learn how to read them.

In "Bathhouses and Bastions" (2x90), Jester found research that led her to believe that Moonweaver-specific tarot decks were meant to be "deceptive" and "relative" to those who the deck was being read to, as is the Moonweaver herself. This research allowed her to realize that Molly's tarot deck was not only self-created and incomplete but also did not correspond to more traditional tarot decks found within Exandria. Several of the cards appear to be based on members of the Mighty Nein.[5] Jester decided to finish the deck with some of her sketches as well.

When the group found Lucien, Jester maintained hope that Molly was still in the body.[6] She gave a fortune reading to Lucien using Molly's deck, which had been slightly modified with her own additions.[7] She pulled the Death card, and remarked that "something must end for something new to begin".

During the Neo-Somnovem battle with Lucien, Jester said she never forgave herself for Mollymauk's death.[8] During the resurrection ritual for Mollymauk, Jester gave Molly's tarot deck as her offering and said, "So I took the cards and I've added a few to it. And I think you're going to be super impressed with everything I've been doing. But I still need you here to teach me everything because I'm kind of bullshitting, Molly. I don't really know what I'm doing, so if you could, like, come back and be my sensei, I'd really appreciate that."[9] When the ritual initially failed, she was heartbroken, but through Caduceus Clay's Divine Intervention, the tiefling was resurrected.

Initially after his resurrection, Molly seemed confused and child-like, repeating the word "Empty" over and over again, but seemed to recognize the Mighty Nein, and referred to them as the tarot cards he had made for them, Jester's being "Joy".[10] Jester was quick to paint a replica of Molly's original clothing using Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments, except for his coat since Yasha gave him back his original. Once the Nein were safe in the Blooming Grove, Jester attempted to talk with Molly and show him his cards, but found that he was still vacant and unable to speak.[11] The next morning Jester cast Greater Restoration on Mollymauk and he was able to speak, but his memories were still gone other than vague images of a dream of a circus, a beautiful woman in a red coat who showed him secrets, an angel, and adventures where he felt kingly. Jester asked what he wanted to be called and he decided on "Kingsley Tealeaf". He found Molly's old clothes a bit garish and Jester painted him a sleeveless black coat.[12] Thinking that Kingsley needed something to defend himself with, Jester gave him the Inescapable Lash.[13]

Kingsley asked to enlist in the crew of the Nein Heroez, joining Fjord and Jester on their future pirating adventures[14] until he eventually got his own ship by stealing it from Fjord and re-naming it the Mollymauk.[15]

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

Intraparty Relationships of the Mighty Nein
Beauregard Caduceus Caleb Fjord Jester Mollymauk Veth Yasha
Beauregard Beauregard Caduceus & Beauregard Caleb & Beauregard Fjord & Beauregard Jester & Beauregard Mollymauk & Beauregard Veth & Beauregard Yasha & Beauregard
Caduceus Beauregard & Caduceus Caduceus Caleb & Caduceus Fjord & Caduceus Jester & Caduceus (not applicable) Veth & Caduceus Yasha & Caduceus
Caleb Beauregard & Caleb Caduceus & Caleb Caleb Fjord & Caleb Jester & Caleb Mollymauk & Caleb Veth & Caleb Yasha & Caleb
Fjord Beauregard & Fjord Caduceus & Fjord Caleb & Fjord Fjord Jester & Fjord Mollymauk & Fjord Veth & Fjord Yasha & Fjord
Jester Beauregard & Jester Caduceus & Jester Caleb & Jester Fjord & Jester Jester Mollymauk & Jester Veth & Jester Yasha & Jester
Mollymauk Beauregard & Mollymauk (not applicable) Caleb & Mollymauk Fjord & Mollymauk Jester & Mollymauk Mollymauk Veth & Mollymauk Yasha & Mollymauk
Veth Beauregard & Veth Caduceus & Veth Caleb & Veth Fjord & Veth Jester & Veth Mollymauk & Veth Veth Yasha & Veth
Yasha Beauregard & Yasha Caduceus & Yasha Caleb & Yasha Fjord & Yasha Jester & Yasha Mollymauk & Yasha Veth & Yasha Yasha


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