Mollymauk and Jester first met in Trostenwald when Molly read Jester's fortune with his custom-made tarot decks for 2 copper pieces. He gained a great deal of insight on her, noting her excitability. The first card was a Silver Dragon, which denotes a person of purity and virtue, the second card was an anvil, which is a "destiny forged", and something "bright and adventurous in their future." The last card was the Serpent card, which amazed Jester. Jester also told him that she was looking for her dad, and Molly pulled the Eye card, telling her she already found a clue. Their relationship progressed over their time in the Mighty Nein, and they grew closer in Zadash. Jester grabbed his horns at one point, and he said he was fine with it.

When the Mighty Nein tried to find where Jester, Fjord and Yasha went after they were kidnapped, Molly shouted "The Traveler's bullshit!", and remarked that if she didn't respond something was wrong.

After the group reconvened, Jester was the first to ask what happened to Molly. She assumed he simply wasn't around first, as though she couldn't believe he was dead. She and Fjord heard the fight outside, and she carried the guilt of not being able to save him. She also idolized the blood hunter, remarking that he was "super smart" and "basically a god", to the chagrin of Beau.

When the group found Lucien, Jester maintained hope that Molly was still in the body. She gave a fortune reading to Lucien using Molly's deck, which had been slightly modified with her own addition. She pulled the Death card, and remarked that "something old must pass for something new".

During the resurrection ritual for Mollymauk, Jester said she never forgave herself for Mollymauk's death as her offering. When the ritual failed, she was utterly heartbroken.

Other Intraparty Relationships

Mighty Nein's Intraparty Relationships
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