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Fan art of Jester and Beau[1], by Amy King.[art 1]


Jester and Beauregard are close friends. They agree on most things and have similar spontaneous trouble maker personalities. They also both grew up in a rich but lonely household and can relate to each other on multiple aspects. Even when they had just met, Beau and Jester had a lot of chemistry, bouncing jokes off of each other and backing the other's sometimes questionable decisions. When the Mighty Nein have booked rooms in inns and taverns throughout their journey, Beau and Jester made a habit of rooming together, and even share a room in the Xhorxhaus. Beau is highly protective of Jester, but has stressed to anyone who doubts Jester's physical capabilities that she can protect herself. The two of them always support and look out for each other.

Although Beauregard initially had a sisterly relationship with Jester, she eventually developed a crush on her. Their friendship remained unchanged, however, and as Beauregard's relationship with Yasha evolved, she shifted her romantic interests in that direction. Jester has never indicated that she was aware of the crush, and has always been very enthusiastic about Beauregard and Yasha's relationship.


Jester and Fjord met Beauregard during their travels, about a day before the rest of the party.[2] They also shared a room at the Nestled Nook Inn, and have been roommates since then in other inns.

In "The Gentleman's Path" (2x19), Beau and Jester had a friendly fistfight after they discovered a "fight club" event happening in the Evening Nip. Jester used Inflict Wounds on Beau but still ended up losing the fight.[3]

In Hupperdook, while Beauregard was getting a supply of sparklers, she also bought a flower necklace and gave it to Jester, saying that it "looked like [her]".[4]

Nugget by Mel de Carvalho

Fan art of Nugget, Beau and Jester's blink dog, by Mel de Carvalho.[art 2]

The Mighty Nein came across a traveling animal vendor on their way to Nicodranas. Jester and Beauregard both adopted a pet (Sprinkle and Professor Thaddeus), but Jester was also enamored with a cute little puppy, so she split the cost of 100 gp for the little blink dog with Beau, and they named him Nugget. That way, they could have a pet together, and it could share their room with them. Given that Jester seemed to have a greater interest in training and bonding with Nugget, Beau has allowed her to take most of the responsibility for him.[5]

After seeing Jester visibly bothered by accidentally being left alone with the dragon, Beau opened up to Jester about her lonely childhood. She expressed admiration for how Jester dealt with a lonely childhood, in contrast to herself. Beau thinks it's beautiful that Jester explored her creativity rather than being angry with the situation. She voiced how grateful she was for their friendship, a sentimental Jester reciprocated with a hug from behind. This honest gesture of affection allowed Beau to say "Love you, Jess", and Jester replied in kind, strengthening the bond between them even further.[6]

Following the Mighty Nein's return to Nicodranas, Jester began protesting when Beau made self-deprecating comments [7] and defended her from other members of the party. She also became visibly flustered when Beau winked at her.[8]

In "Domestic Respite" (2x62), upon the Nein moving into their new house, Beau and Jester immediately decided to room together permanently.

Nott: What is it about [Jester]?
Beau: She's fun, she makes me laugh. I like her ridiculous plans. I think she's complicated and layered. I dunno.
Beauregard confinding in Nott about her crush on Jester[9]

In "The Threads Converge" (2x85), Beau confided in Nott that she had a crush on Jester. She said she wasn't planning to act on her feelings, but had fantasized about Jester returning them. When Nott alluded to aiding Beau in getting Jester to reciprocate her feelings, Beau acted horrified and strong-armed Nott into keeping the secret.

When Beau found herself at wit's end when the Mighty Nein met with her father, coming dangerously close to losing her composure, Jester pulled Beau aside and talked to her, giving her enough clarity and peace of mind to return to the conversation and not lose control.[10] Marisha later noted on Talks Machina that Jester's course of action saved Beau.[11]

Jester and Beau falling - Haven Burley

Fan art of Jester and Beau falling, by Haven Burley.[art 3]

During their downtime in Rexxentrum following the fight with Obann, Jester sought out Beau and apologized for not healing her when she was unconscious. This showed a more protective side of Jester, and she seemed confused as to why the idea of Beau being in danger upset her so much[12] to the point where she quickly changed the conversation topic to reveal that she had been messaging Beau's father, in an attempt to make him suffer for how he treated Beau. Seeing that Beau was uncomfortable with this, she apologized and said she'd stop unless Beau gave her explicit permission. They also argued about the extent to which Mollymauk had possessed supernatural abilities, but agreed to disagree and ended the conversation with Beau offering Jester Molly's tarot cards.[13]

While the party was on Rumblecusp in preparation for Traveler Con, Beau brought up her distrust of the Traveler to Jester. Beau insisted that Jester be careful with the archfey, and insisted that she was ready to fight him if she said the word.[14]

Over time, Beau's crush on Jester faded. The day before Traveler Con, she told Fjord about the crush, but confided that falling for someone like Jester was very easy. She thought that in situations like there, you have to be literal and direct, something that Beau herself hadn't done. Beauregard listened to Fjord as he admitted that he had feelings for Jester, and was supportive of him.[15]

As Beau and Yasha's relationship seemed to burgeon, Jester was very enthusiastic about it, and encouraged them both to pursue it. Jester has talked privately to both Yasha and Beauregard about their feelings for each other and has tried to push them both closer, even helping Yasha write a love poem for Beauregard.[16]


  • Jester and Beauregard form a trio with Veth that they call the "Chaos Crew". The three of them got matching tattoos on their shoulders of two broken chain links, intertwined to spell out "CC".
  • Although Nugget is still their dog, Jester and Beau have left him in the care of Marion Lavorre, Jester's mother, or Luc Brenatto, Veth's son, while they're off adventuring.

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

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Yasha Beauregard & Yasha Caduceus & Yasha Caleb & Yasha Fjord & Yasha Jester & Yasha Mollymauk & Yasha Veth & Yasha Yasha


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