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Imogen Temult and Orym are allies. Orym sees Imogen as having leadership potential, and has repeatedly encouraged her to embrace it and to take a more active role within the party, while offering his own assistance.


Orym was the person in whom Imogen confided while she and Laudna were having an argument, after he indicated that he was wondering if she was okay. He told her that he believed they could make amends.[1]

Imogen and Orym often are the members of Bells Hells who take the lead in important conversations with outsiders, due to her charisma, his experience, and the fact that they are more grounded and less visually distinctive than some of the other party members.[2]

Their first night in Yios, Imogen and Orym stuck together and encouraged the rest of the party not to cheat at cards right away due to the increased scrutiny on them.[3] When Imogen snuck out of the room to message her mother Liliana Temult, Orym noticed, and she telepathically contacted Orym to cover for her.[4]

The two began to be more at odds as they approached the apogees solstice; when Imogen suggested that the Ruby Vanguard might be working towards a valid goal, Orym told her that regardless of their goal, they had killed his husband and father. The two then apologized to each other.[5]

Orym's belief that the Vanguard and Predathos must be stopped at all cost and Imogen's complicated feelings about her Ruidusborn status and her mother's involvement came at odds again when they disagreed on how best to gather intel on their scouting mission to Ruidus. Orym told Imogen that while he understood connecting with Predathos came with a risk, it was a necessary one.[6]

Despite the moment of tension they had on the red moon, the two remained close. While in the abandonned village of Ria'Doin, having found a secret portal to Ruidus from Exandria, Orym learned that Sending was working again while on watch with Imogen. She immediately contacted Keyleth and Caleb Widogast on his behalf, and he embraced her.[7]

After Fresh Cut Grass' death, killing Otohan Thull in the process, Orym expressed suspicion towards Liliana, and Imogen telepathically urged him not to drive Liliana off, though she agreed her mother was untrustworthy.[8] After Orym walked away during the party's discussion of Liliana's intentions, Imogen went to speak with him. The two apologized to each other, and Orym told her he could not abandon his perspective on the Ruby Vanguard given his history. Imogen told him that Will and Derrig would be proud of him, and they both mourned FCG before Imogen told him that while she knew the two of them had at times been at odds, he should no longer worry about that as an issue due to Liliana's choices.[9]


Other intraparty relationships[]

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