Vex'ahlia has kissed Grog twice: once when he was comatose in the Underdark[1] and once after the Slayer's Take trials when he expressed disappointment that Keyleth got kissed and he didn't.[2]

During his rematch with Kern "The Hammer", she flashed her chest at him from the sidelines and yelled "I love you, Grog!" in an attempt to encourage him, but he was too focused on the fight to notice.[3]

Grog once tried to haggle with a merchant the way Vex does, although he actually ended up making a worse deal for himself. He didn't seem to realize his mistake, saying "Vex will be so proud of me." (Vex was, in fact, furious at the merchant.)[4]

During Vox Machina's fight against Kevdak and the Herd of Storms, Vex saved Grog's life by swooping down on Death from Above (her Broom of Flying) and placing Grog in Raven's Slumber.[5] She later released him from the necklace directly above Kevdak, allowing him to land the killing blow against his uncle.[6]

Other Intraparty Relationships Edit

Vox Machina's Intraparty Relationships
Grog Keyleth Percy Pike Scanlan Tiberius Trinket Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia
Grog Grog Keyleth & Grog Percy & Grog Pike & Grog Scanlan & Grog Tiberius & Grog Trinket & Grog Vax'ildan & Grog Vex'ahlia & Grog
Keyleth Grog & Keyleth Keyleth Percy & Keyleth Pike & Keyleth Scanlan & Keyleth Tiberius & Keyleth Trinket & Keyleth Vax'ildan & Keyleth Vex'ahlia & Keyleth
Percy Grog & Percy Keyleth & Percy Percy Pike & Percy Scanlan & Percy Tiberius & Percy Trinket & Percy Vax'ildan & Percy Vex'ahlia & Percy
Pike Grog & Pike Keyleth & Pike Percy & Pike Pike Scanlan & Pike Tiberius & Pike Trinket & Pike Vax'ildan & Pike Vex'ahlia & Pike
Scanlan Grog & Scanlan Keyleth & Scanlan Percy & Scanlan Pike & Scanlan Scanlan Tiberius & Scanlan Trinket & Scanlan Vax'ildan & Scanlan Vex'ahlia & Scanlan
Tiberius Grog & Tiberius Keyleth & Tiberius Percy & Tiberius Pike & Tiberius Scanlan & Tiberius Tiberius Trinket & Tiberius Vax'ildan & Tiberius Vex'ahlia & Tiberius
Trinket Grog & Trinket Keyleth & Trinket Percy & Trinket Pike & Trinket Scanlan & Trinket Tiberius & Trinket Trinket Vax'ildan & Trinket Vex'ahlia & Trinket
Vax'ildan Grog & Vax'ildan Keyleth & Vax'ildan Percy & Vax'ildan Pike & Vax'ildan Scanlan & Vax'ildan Tiberius & Vax'ildan Trinket & Vax'ildan Vax'ildan Vex'ahlia & Vax'ildan
Vex'ahlia Grog & Vex'ahlia Keyleth & Vex'ahlia Percy & Vex'ahlia Pike & Vex'ahlia Scanlan & Vex'ahlia Tiberius & Vex'ahlia Trinket & Vex'ahlia Vax'ildan & Vex'ahlia Vex'ahlia

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