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Fresh Cut Grass and Orym were allies.


Orym treated FCG's stress-induced state as something to be stopped but tried to avoid real harm; he pointed out that many party members had dangerous abilities first time it occurred.[1]

Orym sees FCG's tendency to put others before himself as very similar to his own, and after a few difficult days, asked FCG how he was doing. While they did not answer directly, FCG opened up about their growing relationship with the Changebringer and their uncertainty about their purpose. Orym told him that most people question who they are and what they are here for sometimes, and that perhaps FCG might one day learn more about his past.[2]

FCG, along with Fearne Calloway, accompanied Orym to meet Nel and visit Derrig and Will's graves while the party was in Zephrah after helping Keyleth healing from her wounds.[3]

Orym was ready and hit FCG when he went into "berserk mode", maintaining Fearne alive while she absorded the shard of Rau'shan on the rooftop of Ligament Manor. Orym was looking for doing not lethal damage only and hit him with the flat of Seedling.[4]

After FCG sacrificed themself to kill Otohan Thull, Orym, along with Fearne, picked up the pieces of their chassis, including the one showing blades of grass.[5]

On his new outfit he got just before going to Aeor with, Orym has a piece of FCG's body as his left shoulder pauldron to remember him.[6]


  • According to official art, FCG is taller than Orym.

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